acne can cause depression!!

Hi. I filmed this when I was experiencing a breakdown that I had earlier today. I thought it was important to share because I take care of this, but I keep it a secret. I cry all the time about my acne, which I imagine only makes things worse. I have treated acne since February 2018 and have tried to act as if it did not bother me, but it is difficult to even look at myself in a mirror. I have had people at school who asked me "do you even wash your face?" and believe me, I take better care of my skin than most people do. I have cystic acne. which means that I can not put a product for acne and that my acne simply disappears. I need medication I have been on Accutane for about 2 months with the hope that this is my last stop to cleanse my skin. but I had a terrible shoulder pain last week. We are not sure if it is the cause, but they took me to the emergency room because of how bad the pain was, so my doctor thought it was best to avoid it. I am absolutely devastated and I feel that I should give up myself, but that is not how life works. Life throws you curves and you have to cope with what is given to you, so I'm not going to give up. I deserve much more than what I have to live. I hope this video does not attract any negative attention for me. I want it to be informative for people who have acne or who struggle to understand the pain I suffer every day, both emotionally and physically. Thank you.

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    acne can cause depression!!

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    1. oh sweet girl 🙁 your not ugly you are beautiful inside AND out with and without makeup. it will get better bby i promise. i love u

    2. you don't look ugly!! Your amazing!! it's just a part of being a teenager, everyone goes through a phase in there life. Please don't ever put yourself down. your beautiful and you should never think poorly of yourself

    3. i love you, i miss you as well. your so strong and beautiful i hope the best for you and i know you’ll be okay cause you can do anything❤️❤️

    4. This made me cry and I can relate to this so much, you’re so strong for posting this. You are such a beautiful inside and out and if you ever need someone to talk to I gotchu. I love you & I’m here for you <3

    5. bro props to you for filming this. i remember feeling this way when my skin was shit last year. it sucks. it’ll get better. ly koko ❤️❤️❤️

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