A tragic real life story of a Depressed Entrepreneur – Austen Heinz

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Entrepreneurs: Do not miss out on depression
Only 7% of the general population reports that they suffer from depression, but a whopping 30% of the founders report that they have dealt with its effects. That statistic is amazing but completely credible. Entrepreneurship is a very personal journey, and it is incredibly difficult to separate your individual identity from the company you are trying to create. Soon, commercial setbacks (of which there are many) seem personal setbacks, and depression can take root quickly.

Video credits to Artistic Intrusion YouTube channel

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A tragic real life story of a Depressed Entrepreneur – Austen Heinz

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  1. I just want to say, one of the journalists that attacked Heinz, Jeff Bercovici, made a follow up article where he said Austen did a terrible job explaining about the Sweet Peach product and then said how mental illness was awful for killing Heinz. Yeah, nice of you to do a cover story on depression and not explaining what caused it. In fact, you practically said the whole controversy was his fault for not explaining his product well. I truly hope online journalism is burned to the ground, this fucking sucks.

  2. Hounded into the grave by left wing liberal progressive scum!!!! fucking shemale abominations set us back 1000's of years!!! fuck them all.

  3. This is such a memory hole. I've spent all night trying to find out what really happened to this man, and this video just barely mentions it.

    He was destroyed. His dream was destroyed. He became a pariah, and from what? The SJW leftist media that has been doing this for years. No wonder this was a memory hole, he was one of the next golden boys for technology.

    Rest in peace Austen. You won't be intentionally forgotten by these people.

  4. (0:23) "Austen hoped to… democratiz(e) access to DNA"… suicide. This story starting to sound familiar to anyone? How many ways are there to suicide someone atm?

  5. Doing things far from God we can not earn more than our own misery.
    Haciendo cosas lejos de Dios no podemos ganar más que nuestra propia miseria.

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