A Quick Tip for Fighting Depression and High Expectations

New perspectives and different ways of thinking about my life have helped me greatly with depression. This advice really took the pressure off and really helped me to be less hard on myself.

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Depression to Expression means Expression without fear. Discuss and share your thoughts and opinions with the world. We all have a voice and our truth must be expressed in a respectable and dignified manner. This community is full of amazing people and I am very happy to welcome you!

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A Quick Tip for Fighting Depression and High Expectations

Comments 25

  1. I agree that were not to create a false positivity, nor are we to play God. But I do believe in trying to love people, were all fallen broken people. I think there are definitely people we should distance ourselves from, but understanding that were just as likely to mess up as the person who has offended us can help us to not hate people. Hate is never good. If you love Jesus; He will give you the strength to love others, and no, it isn't easy.
    I also think that we need to understand what type of love were talking about.

  2. it is a very harsh society for those of us who are physically unattractive so i can understand how someone who is good looking cannot being to relate. loneliness & depression are not always mental illnesses but instead are natural reactions to being alone and unwanted. the sad truth is that some of us are simply not good enough due to factors entirely beyond our control.

  3. * Long comment alert! lol
    DUUUUUDE! I totally agree! I had to lower my expectations of people. I knew we were all unworthy or failed God morally. But I expected people I knew to make wiser decisions than they do. I now expect people to make purposeful unwise decisions most, if not all the time. However, it makes me sooo grateful that God hasn't let me or my husband fall into some of the life-altering pits that others have chosen.
    As far as does love win? In the end, it does. But when defined in the bible, Paul says "love…. does not delight in evil." And I think when people talk about love they usually refer to a much shallower version of love which is romance. But I would say agape love or selfless Holy love does win (Like in Revelation). But as of now I don't believe in all this love yourself, be positive, life is all rainbows stuff.
    As someone with depression, I've learned it's way better to accept tragedies and evil for what they really are. I've learned that high expectations, sugarcoating, or distracting from reality is detrimental to your experience in life. I hate hearing suicidal thoughts scream in my head for like 16 hours. But I accept it, and the next day I'm still alive, and I lived through it. It's only made me a more compassionate person. So I believe it is part of God's purification as much as it does feel like hell.

  4. I needed to listen something like that, I'm feel a bite better. Things in my head are more clear. It really helps me, actually you've helped me.

  5. Totally. I feel like being happy all the time is at the VERY least: boring. If you feel the same way all the time isn't that just monotonous and boring? Right on, brother.

  6. AHA! lols…If only I had this video to watch about three years ago. Because what Scott is talking about here was the precise cause of a full blown panic attack I got were I actually needed to go to the hospital. I had that EXACT obsession. The desire to live in a less evil and corrupt world coupled with the demoralization I felt that I couldn't do anything about it. Good thing this is an oldie of a lesson for me. But it makes me happy to know that I'm not the only one who's come to this same conclusion on it. You da man Scotty! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Can we talk about seasonal depression soon? I live on the east coast and the days are getting shorter and colder. I suffer with depression year round but the winter has been destroying me worse and worse every year. I am truly thinking of buying a condo in Florida to live in off and on during the winters here in NYC. My lexapro doesnโ€™t help me and as soon as I am in the Sun and the summer comes around my depression lessons tremendously. What do I do ?

  8. It's 2 sides to the same coin. A lot of people who say they love everyone are actually some of most hateful and petty people I've ever met, while a lot of people who say they hate everyone are actually very accepting of others. My advice? Be honest and express what you feel in a healthy way

  9. There's no way to care about the world or other people and not be depressed.. The number 1 way to not feel depressed is to simply not care at all (like most people)..

  10. Well…. I am one of those 95% positive people but the way I pull it off is a little selfish in the perspective of society. What I mean is, I concentrate on loving myself. Everyday I find ways to prove to myself that I love myself. I am easier to love. ๐Ÿ˜‚ This makes me feel happy, which in turn, makes me appear positive all the time. As for loving others, I concentrate again, on those who are easier to love. Those who love me and those who are kind. If someone is being an asshole, I just kick them out of my life. And I do what I call, love from a distance. Which basically means, I choose not to hate that person, but I do not put any more thought, positive or negative, into them. I just concentrate on thinking about things that make me happy. That is myself, my friends, my family, my cat…. Especially my cat… Then I find that I have no room in my brain or time left to think about the jerks and the evil in the world. Plain and simple. I don't live in lala land where I tell myself that evil people do not exist. I just move to a state (of mind) where evil and those who do evil are not allowed. As for loving everyone, well… One cannot love others if he/she does not even know how to love his/her own SELF. Loving yourself is loving the whole universe. Look within… Not without. โ˜บ

  11. I donโ€™t like it when people say love everyone when basically they have hatred in their heart toward certain others ๐Ÿ˜”

  12. I agree that life became much better when I started accepting that life can suck and I can hate it and everyone around me some days. It made me feel that these feelings are just natural and, like feelings, they'll pass. They don't make me sick or a bad person, and accepting them make them go away faster. Otherwise, a bad thought about someone would make me spiral into negative thoughts about myself and how I SHOULD love my life and be grateful and put myself in other people's shoes.

    In fact, I think this acceptance started with one of your videos, too. One in which you said something about how it's ok to think that life sucks and that 'I didn't ask to be here, anyway'. That took a burden off my back, because I do have a great life and whenever I felt unsatisfied with something small, I felt ungrateful and could imagine people judging me for being unsatisfied with something, instead of being grateful for all the other amazing things I had in my life. It was great to just allow myself to complain about life and be angry and fed up with some things.

  13. Love isn't always the winner, or maybe it is… If I love myself more than anything all the time, maybe the love will be the winner always… MAYBE…

  14. I used to believe, that I was supposed to forgive everyone, because no one is born evil.I thought, i must try to like all people, stupid as it sounds, I thought, there must be valid reasons for people to be the way they are. And maybe that's true. Or maybe not, who knows. But I thought, no matter what, I have to be nice to everyone. Forgive everything. Endure everything. This person's constantly mad at me? Well I must have made something wrong. She is talking BS about me? Well maybe she has a good reason? I used to live without any regards to myself. And it wasn't that long ago, I realized, well maybe that person does have a reason to be mean to me. But he is stil an as*hole. Realizing, that i don't have to take pther people's BS, realizing I don't need to forgive everything a ignore the way I feel. That was such a relief. But it took me some 20 years of life, to realize that. I mean what the hell was I doing, not realizing something like this for so long…

  15. It's curious, I do think that pure love is the strongest force ever: It can encourage you, inspire you and basically make your life much better… but… it has to work through actions to have the chance to win, isn't a magic wand. I think evil is the absence of love, and in that perspective, being absolutely radical, love everyone sounds like the perfect solution against evil as humankind but it's a torture to think that the responsibility of entire humankind is on just one individual's shoulders. No, no, no! As you said, we don't have to play the role of God, we can choose love, spread love and accept love as a natural interaction with life, not as imposition, forcing things it's just wrong. Life is movement, baby! It's wonderful to enjoy the dance of emotions we have inside, positive and negative. Love starts with ourselves, let's love and accept we have a whole spectrum of emotional experience. ๐Ÿ˜Ž
    P.S. Loving this!!!

  16. I hate mouth crease pimples. ๐Ÿ˜ป
    And canโ€™t stand positive platitudes. But ironically, I am a very loving person. Some days.
    Great video, Scott! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

  17. Well, love wins THIS time, cos I absolutely love this video…….Totally agree about this cult of positivity though. It's bullshit. Life isn't all roses, and I'm a lot less prone to anxiety when I accept that fact.

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