9 Types of DEPRESSION Everyone Needs to Know!

This video explains what are the 9 types of depression and some symptoms that accompany them. I hope this helps spread the knowledge of lesser-known types so that people can get the help they need. There is no shame in seeking help!

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Hello! My name is Kristen, I am 22 years old, I am from Sacramento CA and I graduate in the spring with my degree in psychology. I created this channel for three reasons that are very close to my heart. One, help others tell their stories and be mental health advocates, give recovery tips and tricks to help others find the help they need, and spread awareness about mental health issues to combat the stigma that comes with it. surrounds The more we talk about mental illnesses, the more normalized we will be in our society and the more people will not be ashamed to get help!

☆ DISCLAIMER ☆ I am not a professional. If you seek professional advice, consult your doctor or primary care therapist. The information in this publication is based on personal experiences, personal knowledge or research I have done on the subject. If it is an emergency, call 911, call your local crisis line or go to your nearest hospital.

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    9 Types of DEPRESSION Everyone Needs to Know!

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    1. I left my family in kentucky and i live in michigan and my grandma died and my cat died.

    2. What is the stress depression thing called? Or is it just that you can get depression of anxiety and other stress?

    3. I have depression and it's none of those types.its lasted for about a year so far and it feels like a physical pressure on the head. Do you know what this one is btw not a girl

    4. What about smiling depression I have it and am only 12 I would really like to know more about it and other people to know about it

    5. hey there! i just randomly wanted to ask….i get depressed for a day or for the whole week. sometimes i get sweaty hands and they start to tremble thus i start snapping a rubber band on my wrist (it leaves a mark and a swollen wrist)(sometimes i try to cut but till now i couldn't MAKE THE BLOOD COME OUT). Sometimes i get depressed remembering old or hurtful things or when someone screams at me and sometimes (maybe most of the times) i overthink and get depressed AND STAY LIKE THAT FOR THE WHOLE WEEK. Sometimes if i am lucky it goes away but the things mentioned above brings it back and it stays like. what is it?

    6. I know I have depression but I feel as if mine is different. I used to have multiple short sections of feeling depressed. But recently its lasted a much longer time. (They used to last around 1.5 weeks on average and now its lasted many months) Is it possible for a type of depression to change to a different kind? Thank you many of your videos have helped me.

    7. Your such an amazing person I'm so glad I found your channel because you are only young and are tackling/not afraid to speak out about mental health I love your channel so much already ❤️❤️❤️

    8. I'm getting sad having to look at that distorted, disfigured and severely SJW face.
      Feminist alert

    9. My mom doesn’t believe I’m depressed and when I showed her my self harm cuts she laughed at me

    10. I'm 12 and I have major depression, I've had it for a few months now and I also have anxiety. I feel like giving up at least once a month . I don't sleep and I feel so alone, and hopeless, it hurts everyday 24/7 and I just want to die. But I don't want to die. Life is confusing and I'm flunking high school. My life is messed up

    11. Could you please make a video talking more about grief or situational depression? That would be very helpful.

    12. For some reason in the autumn, winter and spring i am normal and beween the end of may and the end of july i am unhappy, stressed numb and unwilling. I cant access a doctor either.

    13. I can relate to more than one of these because i have depression but never knew which form of it i had

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