8 Things People With Hidden Depression Do

10 reasons why some of us are so vulnerable to depression

7 steps to have a healthier heart || The best staff in the world

13 hidden signs that tell you that you are suffering from depression


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8 things that people with hidden depression do

Video credits to Creepy Team YouTube channel

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    8 Things People With Hidden Depression Do

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    1. These types of videos donโ€™t help people with actual depression, you get a lot of people click on these video think they have all of the things they said in the video and then they think they have depression itโ€™s sickens me

    2. Idk if i really really have depression. All above are how i feel, always… Well, some said when you feel down, talk to your family, friends or anyone. But, i not strong enough to tell anybody. My parents is not kinda open person, means we're close but not so closed to tell any secret. My siblings are too young! I'm the eldest, they always make me as their role model. Friends? Yes, i have lots of them. But close one, none. I had, but now idk where they're. Talking to strangers or someone else? Who'd brave enough to do that… Seeing the psychiatrist? Huh idk if i should or not… So, i just gonna leave this here. Maybe can make me calm a bit. Thanx for reading! Byee…

      p.s.: i feel annoyed right now! my roommate keep laughing while i feeling too much mess in my head!! i wanna scream to her but that will be a bad thing, right? sigh…

    3. I am a prisoner in my own thoughts I can't get out of my mind I'm trapped. I literally suffer everyday it hurts I get migrans for up to 5 days. I constantly overwhelm (on everything) what seems easy to others is hard for me… I don't know why I struggle so much. Lately all the pain I've hidden deep inside has become a problem.My Childhood wasnt a family environment. Alcoholics,Drug Addicts & Violence was ALWAYS there& I got put through Mental & Physical Abuse ever since I was 5 all the way up until I turned 19 then moved out with in the same year got married & I thought it would be better instead it got even WORSE , & I still stayed in it for 12 & a half years. Just now at 32 I just IDK something snapped within me. It has been alot happened I still can't deal with it all I have issues I don't know how to deal anymore. I have extreme anxiety, I never want to be around anyone, I don't like crowds or anything loud. My emotions are everywhere. I gave my Love Friendship Trust, Time, Kindness… My All & I got the opposite in RETURN…All I ever wanted was to be held some1 to tell me they care or treat me like I deserve to breath..I never been showed LOVE or kindness. It's all effected me & unhappy.. my Life has feel apart. I don't know what to do anymore I CAN'T DO THIS ANYMORE CAN'T HANDLE LIFE ever Sec that Passes is MISERY I feel

    4. I hide my depression in comedy and it really helps. My friends even tell me that when im depressed im funnier. Hopefully that helps someone become happier.

    5. i have more than 8

      1. self harming

      2. coffee to start my day or any caffeinated drinks to make my mood happy because if not, it's sad day ahead.

      3. alcohol, i drink at night to end my day.

      4. i don't feel hunger sometimes, i eat food but can't tell if i had enough or not.

      5. short tempered, i get mad even in small things even when i am alone.

      6. i cry sometines for unknown reason, even while eating i will feel teary and i am about to cry.

      7. i preffer to drink alone.

      8. before i go to work, i warm my self up, smiling in the mirror etc.

      9. outside my room, they know me as a joker, funny, noisy and a happy person, but when i am alone, i am the deffinition of dying and wanted to die.

      10. i help a lot of people, giving them advice about life and not to give up, knowing the fact that i am the who needs help.

      11. i tried to kill my self, first attempt, syrup, i was 16, second zonrox bleach, i was 19, third i did a free fall on a stair, i was 21, and last, a shotgun and unfortunately because i am stupid, i forgot to off the safety, it was last year, my buddy caught me in the act and took the shotgun away from me, now i am 25 turning 26.

      12. i used to paint a lot, paintings, i love paintings, but i lost my interest.

      13. i always put everybody first, even it can cause a lot of trouble or untill there is nothing left for me, i consider it self punishment or self harming.

      14. i feel disappointed when i wake up in the morning instead of dying in my sleep.

      15. i always feel pressured all the time, they expect things from me that i can't be, and i hated it.

    6. Im 11 and i had all of these, I tool several depression tests and they all said I had mild depression, I hate my life, its worthless

    7. tbh i think that these symtons occur to everyone so you know i dont think that this is that useful because it gives people the idea they have depresssion

    8. You know I may think I have depression when in reality I am close to my period so this is common for me when itโ€™s that time of the fucking month.

    9. I got to #3 while getting really irritated that the writing was taking so long. Then I read the sentence. Whoops.

    10. Darling, I'm not in depression, see I shared out my feelings I have people to share, I'll introduce them but u have to wait, I get out of my depression by talking to them out teek hey na,, don't worry regarding this

    11. The one about irritability is so true, because to today i completely lost it on my brother because he asked if i closed a door and i just got super pissed for whatever reason

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