8 Signs You’re Suffering from Depression Without Knowing It

How to understand that you are suffering from depression? How to get rid of depression, which is a serious illness that can not be ignored? Depression is a serious issue that, unfortunately, is not talked about enough.
Just feeling a little sad can make us think that we are depressed, but that is not always the case … or not? Let's find out what signs indicate that you might actually be suffering from "the plague of the 21st century."

How to recognize depression? 0:54
The most common signs of depression are the following: you constantly feel downcast and tired. Your self-esteem has hit bottom. You have problems with concentration and memory and problems sleeping. Your weight changes, it can go either way: you suddenly gain several pounds or your weight falls drastically. Nothing, including your favorite food, TV show, video game, or even pissing with your best friends, gives you pleasure. He experiences mood swings, and suddenly he can become extremely short tempered with a lack of basic tolerance. Your health deteriorates It is very common that depressed people begin to experience pain and discomfort, most often in the joints or back.

If at least 3 to 4 signals hit you at home, you most likely have some form of depression. Basically, the more signals you are showing, the more depressed you are.

? How to do it better? 7:34
The first thing you should do is go to the doctor. According to psychotherapist Sean Grover, there are steps you can take in three areas of your life to improve your mental state. The first thing you should take care of is your body. Begin to do 30-minute workouts at least 3 times a week, get at least 7 hours of sleep per night and add more of your favorite foods to your diet, especially sugary ones. The second and equally important is your mind. Try to explore the world around you as if you had never done it before. Finally, your spirit should also receive a dose of treatment. The best thing you can do here is meditation. Through it, you can learn to understand and listen to yourself on a deeper level.

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You feel constantly depressed and tired 0:54
Your self-esteem has bottomed 1:44
You have problems with concentration and memory 2:44
You have trouble sleeping 3:33
Your weight changes 4:19
Nothing brings you pleasure 5:05
Experience mood swings 5:52
Your health deteriorates 6:47
Steps you can take to improve it 7:34
How to prevent depression 9:38

-When you start to feel desperate and do not want to get out of bed for days, that's where it enters dangerous territory.
-You will constantly focus on your past faults, and your mind will be flooded with memories of every stupid mistake you have made.
-You forget important things and have trouble remembering names or other details.
– You do not have energy and you feel that you could spend all day in bed.
– Your weight can go in any way: suddenly you gain several pounds or your weight falls drastically.
-You are constantly bored, tired, and do not feel like doing your whole life hobby or meeting your best friend.
-When you are depressed, you constantly feel sad, anxious or irritated and you probably can not even explain why.
-Emotional bursts and a constant feeling of hopelessness not only take away your weight, but also your overall health.
– Take good care of your body and mind. Try to explore the world around you as if you had never done it before. Your spirit should also receive a dose of meditation treatment.
– "Seasonal depression" can be treated with natural substances. Experts also recommend starting to see a doctor before and do it regularly.

Do you have any method of how to fight against depression? Tell us in the comments below!

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    8 Signs You’re Suffering from Depression Without Knowing It

    Comments 32

    1. I went to see doctor, and I have Anxiety Disorder, I have to take pills for 6 months, and I haveto see doctor once a month. I feel so hopeless, lost my way, I don't have nothing in my hand, lonely. 😑😑. And I am lost in depression.

    2. I just found out I might have depression. Since these symptoms I have had for a long time. Please help. I'm so young and feel like dying.

    3. I want to ask yo go get tested…but i am scared to ask..i dont wanna ask. I feel like my family will see me as even more of a freak…

    4. For #3 gladly I haven’t lost that. Well kinda. I did lost interest in many things but there are things I still have interest in and I know I wouldn’t lose interest in them, I know that for sure.

    5. My family makes me feel worthless sometimes, and I do suffer from at least 3 of these symptoms

    6. I don't have it, but my hubby does, my daughter does, my father does and my best friend, plus a few other close friends I have. It's more widespread than people think.

    7. My friend says I'm depressed. I have been like sad and upset since I was 9. It was when I figured out that life sucks. I'm starting middle school in August, and for the past months I've been through the worst pain ever, heartbroken, rejection, friends, parents, personal problem s. If someone starts saying stuff at me, I get really mad and I start screaming in less than a minute. I have mood swings sometimes I'm really ticked and sometimes I'm sad and sometimes I'm happy and oftenly hopeless. I sometimes wake up and feel like doing stuff and sometimes I am lazy and just don't want to do anything. So I don't know if I have depression or not..

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