7 Signs You May Have High Functioning Depression

Many psychologists associate high functioning depression with persistent depressive disorder. Which is a prolonged state of depression. Those with high functioning depression may not feel as helpless as those with clinical depression, but their depression tremendously affects their quality of life. Minimize your interest in everything, including social events with friends and family. Highly functioning depressives will socialize when necessary and go to work and school. But once they have finished with their responsibilities, they will retire. Here are 7 signs that you may have high functioning depression.

Disclaimer: only a true professional can diagnose it. Do not use them as a self-diagnosis. Actually, never diagnose yourself.

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How to deal with high functioning depression.

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    7 Signs You May Have High Functioning Depression

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    1. My life: I was born a month early. I was lactos intolerant, had kidney failure, and jaundice. At two years old, I had surgery for my kidneys, my parents were married, my grandmother died, and my sister was born. At six years old, my closest grandfather and friend passed away. My father from brain cancer, and my friend from a drunk driver. At eight, I moved away from all my friends. From 2nd to 4th grade, I was verbally harassed by most of my class. I was about to take my life it got so hard. I went to a new school, and got a boyfriend. In 6th grade, my parents devorsed, and I had to break up with my boyfriend because he would hit my friend. On my birthday, my friend and I went to Chicago to meet up with her girlfriend. Close to this time, I found out I was lesbian. People at my school make fun of me and my friend, assuming we are girlfriends.

      My life is getting better. I see my therapist, which I have a strong relationship with. I have loving parents who are there for me.

    2. :3 umm how did they know this? theyre watching me. wtf i hate this. theyre always obsessed with me. why cant they stop? i dont wanna be watched anymore. please stop.

    3. Have you been inside my mind? I’ve always thought that if I still can take care of my responsibility and I don’t feel It’d be better for me to don’t exist I cannot feel depressed, but in reality I do the best I can in order to prevent people to criticize me

    4. I think I have high functioning depression because I've got most of the symptoms mentioned in this video.However, is suicidal thoughts also a symptom of high functional depression?

    5. I kind of recognize myself in that, although I've worked a lot on myself with therapists. I have no idea if what I still recognize today comes from HFD or if it comes from being ADHD… Like obsessing with time or a tendency to escapism

    6. I think, all of that is me.

      I can burn out and lose all motivation to do anything unless I make it a desperate situation to get myself up. Then things become harder than they have to be, and I stress out more.

      I do everything in extreme and excessively. Work, study, play, relaxing. And I’m always concerned and never satisfied with what I just did.

      Just constant numbness or sad.

    7. At the end she says "in reality, its not ok to live life numb and constantly criticizing yourself"… But what if doing so allows you to add more good things to society and produce more for others?

    8. I feel like that alot. I get upset with myself for not using time well enough, and always stress over the stupidest descisions (I spend my entire day worrying about what I'm gonna do because I'm worried I'm gonna pick the wrong thing, then end up wasting the day worrying and then beat myself up for it). I avoid social interaction because I am worried I'm going to screw up something and people will judge me or laugh at me. I don't feel sad much though, definitely not as much as the video states. Opinions?

    9. I watch so much random stuff because the things on the TV seem better than my life I just feel like in going day to day and not progressing and I don't think having a break up recently has helped much I just don't know what part of my thoughts to pay attention too. Anyway vent over good video

    10. "Try to find the root of it…" That is like the most vague "How-to" answer I have ever heard.

    11. What if you have gotten to the point where you say “fuck everything/ everyone” and don’t want to look for help and just keep being closed off?

    12. I believe I have all of these symptoms.. I am depressed.. my mother is also depressed. I feel others pain along with mine and it is over whelming. I cannot explain to my mother that I have depression because I don’t feel like she will believe me because I am always “happy”. At night I cry and tell myself, “tomorrow I will delete all of my contacts and start a new life.” I never do it. I’m scared to cut myself because I feel as if it won’t help my situation and my mother will notice my scars. I often just listen to music because I guess it helps me deal..? I am a gamer and i guess I feel as if they will help me make friends. I often do make friends on those video games but I unfriend them after a week because I just need someone to open up to and talk to!! But I don’t! And I often get in fights with people because I cannot seem to open up to them.. I wish I could. Life is tough for me right now. Does anyone have any recommendations for me on what to do, other than telling others? Have a nice day. xx

    13. I feel all of this symptoms.. I've been going to psychologist for 3 months now and idk, sometimes it just seems like it will never end.

    14. I swear that I show at least 2 quarters of the symptoms for most depression thingys, and all MDD symptoms XD i am not ok

    15. I always watch movie or youtube just to relax my mind.. its that a sign of depression??also when im alone i feel that no one cares of me i always talk to myself its that a depression??

    16. I had mdd and bipolar and anxiety the past 18 years about 4 months of actual treatment I'm too lazy to think about how I feel I have an empty brain mostly when it comes to this to most I am a Zen master most people forget I have this struggle but on the inside I'm a bit different I don't feel too sad I do get pretty snippy and angry and more but how I've coped with this for this long since age 13 is a very strict and long conversation but bottom line nut up and relax you're alive and don't let life beat you because it's an asshole

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