7 Signs of Teenage Depression | Teen Depression Warning Signs

7 signs of teenage depression

It is important to recognize the signs of depression in teenagers.

Teen depression can affect the family.

Teenagers feel very much! In addition, adolescence is a time of turbulence and strong emotions.

It is important that parents and those working with young people learn to distinguish between "teenagers who are teenagers" and the signs that may indicate a risk of depression.

Here are some symptoms of depression to consider:

Number 1

Teens can avoid social situations

Adolescence is usually a time when friends and social activities are particularly important.

Therefore, if you see a teenager withdraw from their peers with whom they were once close,

or skip the types of encounters they used to expect,

It could be a symptom of depression.

Number 2

They seem sad and hopeless

There is a big difference between bad mood and the feeling that nothing makes sense,

even things that mattered in the past.

Therefore, we must be aware of the frequency and intensity with which these feelings arise.

Expressing suicidal thoughts is always an indicator that must be addressed.

Number 3

Shame or embarrassment of who they are

Shame is an indicator of depression.

Many teenagers are self-critical, but a depressed teenager can say things like "I'm stupid" or "I'm a failure."

Therefore, they may feel that something is "wrong" with them, that they are not "normal" like everyone else.

Number 4

They do not care

Lack of motivation and enthusiasm can be an indicator of depression,

especially when teenagers don't seem to care about the things they were excited about.

Leaving old interests behind can be a healthy sign of growth,

but those activities must be replaced by new things that interest them.

Number 5

Difficulty concentrating and making decisions

Teenagers can be forgetful and sometimes distracted.

But if you notice that a teenager who used to be focused and decisive had difficulty doing his homework or other projects,

or not being able to make decisions, even the smallest

—Make sure to investigate further.

Number 6

Your sleep patterns are disturbed

Depressed teenagers often want to sleep all the time, or don't want to sleep,

Because leaving your smartphone and closing your eyes means being alone with your painful thoughts.

Teenagers need more sleep than adults.

Consequently, sleeping until noon on a weekend is not necessarily a bad thing.

Number 7

Change of eating habits

Loss of appetite in a teenager who used to enjoy all kinds of food can be a warning sign.

Or they may want sugary foods as a way to calm down, as sugar creates a temporary increase in dopamine levels.


Abuse alcohol or drugs

There is never substance abuse without a mental health problem.

Therefore, drinking and drug use are unhealthy coping mechanisms to relieve pain.

If your teen is using, the underlying problems should be addressed.

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7 Signs of Teenage Depression | Teen Depression Warning Signs

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