7 Signs Of Depression & Symptoms You Must Know

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Depression is a common form of mental illness that affects more than 15 million Americans. Depression does not look a certain way, and there are many types of depression.

Some examples of depression include Major Depressive Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, Dysthymia and Seasonal Affective Disorder. Although there are many forms of depression, some of the symptoms overlap. For example, many people with depression feel a sense of worthlessness.

Depression hurts people internationally. It does not discriminate by race or gender. Depression is often genetic, which means that you are more likely to suffer from a form of depression if someone in your family has the disease.

Some common signs of depression are: feeling of lethargy, excessive sleep, lack of appetite, social isolation, overeating and poor self-image. The most severe symptoms of depression that require immediate attention are suicide or not want to exist. If a friend or loved one says things like "I would be better off dead" or "no one would notice if I had left," these are dangerous statements and need help.

Depression can be quite serious and even deadly if left untreated. Fortunately, there is help available. A licensed therapist can help people suffering from depression and help them learn that there is hope; You can spend an extraordinarily painful time. Therapists understand depression and want to help people improve.

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    7 Signs Of Depression & Symptoms You Must Know

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    1. my sister went through divorce , lost her job, she shows most of the signs you share in the video. i guess i will recommend her to check with the betterhelp site link above. Thank you for sharing

    2. It’s not easy to say so publicly what you just said. If you only ever made this one video, you have probably done more good that you could ever know. So many people who feel alone. So many people who suffer in silence and so many people who just need a few words to encourage them to seek the help they need.

    3. Thanks for good advices, I recommended everyone to watch the video and get some useful informations.

    4. Cheers for this, great video for 7 signs of depression, your uploads so far have helped me out a lot, thanks so much. have been very helpful all the time.

    5. I think one of my friend is in depression but the signs are so subtle and changing it is difficult to say something certain. Thanks for explaining them, helps really.

    6. These depression signs are very accurate, sadly I know someone that is suffering from these symptoms.

    7. Depression hurts people internationally. It doesn’t discriminate based upon race or gender. This kind of online counseling helps lots of people to get red of it.

    8. This is a nice video. As I work in a corporate sector, this will help me to distress myself from time to time.

    9. What a useful and interesting video! It really is important to know the symptoms of depression because it is a terrible disease that must be treated correctly because otherwise it can bring negative consequences both for the person who suffers and for their loved ones and in more serious cases bring fatal consequences

    10. Really well Explained video, about Depression symptoms. Shocking to know it can be deadly if untreated

    11. It is important to know which are the most common symptoms of depression since we can identify it in time and be able to treat it, this video can help many people who may be going through this

    12. It is really important to know these symptoms in time and look for ways to attack them. thank you very much for this useful information

    13. Brilliant video and also excellent details about the 7 Signs of Depression & Symptoms! Thanks a lot for the good advices!

    14. this video because this is just what I was looking for. This channel goes on my favorite list……………..

    15. I did not know about these signs and symptoms of depression, I will now be prepared thanks to the video

    16. This is the best video about depressions and symptoms. Thank you for this video. Keep up the good work!

    17. I am glad that youtube suggested me this video because this is just what I was looking for. This channel goes on my favorite list.

    18. You' are an absolutely incredible amazing person! You are so strong and I really admire everything you’ve been able to accomplish. Ever since I was diagnosed with PTSD I always felt there was a stigma to talk about anything but you’ve really helped me. Thank you!

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