60 FPS ASMR for Social Anxiety // Personal Attention & Whispering

I had to film this again because I looked too tired in the first one. I really hope you get some comfort with this. I love you guys! 🙂

– B 🐝

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What is #ASMR?
In short, the ASMR is often described as that satisfying and chilling sensation that occurs when you hear a sound that you enjoy. People who experience ASMR often use it to relax before falling asleep, to relieve anxiety, to help with depression or to fight against insomnia.

There are many ASMRtists out there making many different types of videos. If you are looking for this feeling, I encourage you to keep an open mind and watch various ASMR channels because there are many great people who produce incredible content. 🙂

What does ASMR mean to me?
I have been watching ASMR videos for about two years. I found it in one of my favorite Youtuber videos (Stella Rae) and branched myself from there. After years of fighting insomnia and anxiety, I finally found relief when watching these videos.

Just last year, I decided to start making my own videos: D I felt it was time to contribute to the ASMR community and help it continue to grow because it is a wonderful and positive place that helps millions of people. I know my channel is small now, but publishing my own content is my way of giving back to this incredible community. I'm busy B, and thanks for being part of the hive! 🙂

Video credits to Busy B ASMR YouTube channel

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60 FPS ASMR for Social Anxiety // Personal Attention & Whispering

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  1. Who ever disliked this video accidentally pressed the dislike button in their sleep.

  2. I wish I couldve went to vidcon because a ton of people like you asmr darling and other people w were there anyway glad you had fun

  3. people will say this a lot, but the best way to work through social anxiety is to go out and just do shit. I still have social anxiety but before I started my job that involves meeting a new person every day, it was pretty severe.

    So I think the best advice is just to socialize, as dumb as that sounds. Get comfortable talking to people and realize no one cares, no one is offended by you existing in the same area as them.

  4. Your finger waving over the screen is hypnotizing. I don't understand how that is.

  5. I can't believe this has been out for a whole day & haven't said any sweet things to you yet
    I'm letting myself down … I need to go back into reclusion & rethink my life

  6. I’ve always been terrified of meeting new people. I’m almost paralysed with fear. I hate being this way. It was truly awful when I was at school. It caused me lots of problems. I’m better at it these days but it’s still so hard. I really wish I was better at social things. It’s something I need to work hard at. Thanks for this video, Raven. I’m going to really try my best. I love you! 🥰

  7. Big congratulations on the 40k. So proud of your continued success. I love being on this journey with you since you had about 5000 subscribers. You’re amazing! 🥰

  8. Thank you for posting this, it's a topic that hits close to home with me. I've been painfully shy much of my life, and it takes much will to put myself out into social situations. Moreover, I've just discovered that someone I cared for doesn't feel the same about me, so I'm reeling from that right now. But this was a nice reminder that things are never as bad as they seem, so many thank you's!

  9. I love these videos because they help relax and I do get bad anxiety sometimes. This was great😊🙂

  10. Raven I believe anyone who has watched your videos, or subscribed to your channel, would be honored to meet you! You're just sweet, kind, funny and personable. I know I would!! 🙂 But I would need a hug from you if I did!! Please! 🙂

  11. I love you but this video gave me anxiety knowing Rambo was sadly waiting for you to love him 😭😭

  12. Lovely video! 💕🥰 I am fairly new to your channel as well as the asmr community and I would love to be friends! 🥰

  13. hey i love your hair and your vid keep it up and i hope your future becomes a dream

  14. If you feel like you’re incredibly lucky now, wait until the apocalypse where everything seems lost and then you come across my potato farm where there’s endless mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, French fries, and hash browns.

  15. maybe it's just the copious amount of fanservice anime and hentai I've seen, but the intro, I can't see a pink heart with thick gooey drips like that as anything but lewd

    as an aside, does camera hand movements like in this video, "work" better for anyone else if you're not looking directly at the screen?

  16. I dont have any friends now, i just to have…they let me alone in one of my most dark days…
    Now im trying to find new an real friend…
    Im from mexico(sorry for my english),if anyone want to talk please response, I WANT TO MEET NEW FRIENDS,i justo want someone to talk.

  17. I have social anxiety and asmr was recomended by my therapist and I saw the title and was like 'SCORE!'

  18. Haven’t been as active in commenting, but regardless still like these a lot. “It be like that sometimes” 👏

  19. Wakes up to find Raven has posted a video
    Me: "Should I watch this now or later?"
    Starts watching video
    Me: "Hello sleep my old friend!" 😴

    (Glad you had a great time at Vidcon. Seeing you and Rose together was amazing!
    Also, congrats on 40k! 🎉❤️)

  20. Doesn't feel like 60 fps… but maybe not enough moving going on to tell. I know when I watch movies with 60 fps there is definitely a weird look to them almost like a soap opera smoothness

  21. Hi there Busy B ASMR!!! How ya doing sweetie? Thanks so much for what you are doing for us!!!😃❤Your friend out here in YouTube land, Allen (AKA The Lone Wolf of Indiana)🐺🌵🇺🇸☹

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