6 Ways To Cope With High Functioning Depression

In a previous video, we covered 7 high-functioning signs of depression. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), approximately 3.3 million people struggle against high-functioning depression per year. Many times, this mental disorder goes unnoticed because even though it is a debilitating mental health problem, most people are functional. In this video, we cover some strategies on how to deal with high functioning depression. These tips are not treatment plans. Find a psychologist or professional to get help.

High performance signs of depression:

You can also get online advice here:

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Animated by: Megan Lovitz
Voice by: Lily H
Screenplay by: Paul Daniel

Produced by: Psych2Go
Administered by: Erin Bogo

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    6 Ways To Cope With High Functioning Depression

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    1. Happy Sunday everyone! Unlike clinical depression, people with high functioning depression function in their lives. Here's a previous video we did on the signs of high functioning depression:

      Do note that high functioning depression is not a recognized clinical term.

    2. I'm srry but the fifth one…isn't it better to actually deal with what's bothering you personally and mentally these are kinda just literally distractions srry

    3. This is crap! "Get organized?!?!" If you are depressed…you can't just get up and "get organized." "Hmm hey you know what would help with my depression? Doing things." Gee, why did I not think of that?!?

    4. number 5 is listed as a problem in the other video, do you distract yourself from depression or run away from reality? fucking stupid

    5. I’m usually that one friend that tries to help others with depression, but I can’t help myself with it. I don’t have that many friends either. No one knows about my depression so I just tell them I’m fine. I’m probably gonna delete this comment

    6. One thing that I feel for and think a lot about is the feeling of being trapped or in a paradox.I'm not very sure but this could be linked to this topic as well.Over the time that I've been having depression(suggestibly,I'm not sure what mental health disorder/illness I have yet,I haven't been diagnosed yet),I've been trying to observe and study what I've been feeling,thinking about,and not thinking about. I suggest that whatever mental problem I have,it roots from self denial. Denying your newfound-self because it might not go well with the people around you or thinking that whatever mental state you're currently in is not right.

      Then denying it thinking it's what's best for everything and everybody.

      You think it's that way,it's not your fault you think that way. The world taught you a new lesson that changed you for the better.. then it makes you think it was for the worst..

      Since you don't think you're qualified to think for yourself anymore,you make up this voice in your head that constantly gives you directions on what to do,you can never make the decision that you want because you think you're wrong because your mentality is wrong,and when you do make decisions that you want,you feel uncomfortable,feeling like the decision you made was from your own wrong mentality,so that decision must also be wrong.

      I think I understand it..but not fully yet,I will tell my first and new therapist on our second meeting 🙂 I hope this helps.

    7. I don't really forget to do basic things such as eat or maintain personal hygiene, but that might just be that I have done such a good job at dealing with it that those are no longer issues.

    8. 3:18 the part you said hang out with friends i just laughed and said to my self (i dont have any friends)

    9. Hobbies and distractions are good to have but make sure you aren't running away from your problems. Get help from a psychiatrist and get started on medicine and therapy.

    10. Sor socialization, i joined a artist creator servor on discord and share my OC ideas, and I started playing D&D online. These two things helped me out alot. alot of the organization stuff Ive been doing off and on anyway because I was diagnosed with adhd as a kid and it helps to stay organized when it comes to school

    11. Where's the line between distracting yourself from your stress/depression and using those distractions as a form of escapism?

    12. erm… true “depression” isn’t high functioning

      ex: if you’re isolating (and truly depressed) you will have no motivation to even try to socialize

      however, there’s a lot of good tips in here for people with/without depression

    13. My shit get so bad I don't wanna believe I'm depressed because I feel like it's a first world ass problem to have and I shouldn't feel this way

    14. How do I socialize if I don't even have a single person to talk to

      Do I just go out and be like "hey wanna hang out"?

    15. This video is very useful to everyone who has depression. For me, I choose tip number 5 which is distraction. For me, you should make yourself busy in order to forget everything that comes with being depressed.

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