6 Signs of High Functioning Depression (What is Dysthymia?)

These are the 6 high-functioning signs of depression, which can answer your question "What is dysthymia?". Many people are struggling with this and do not even realize it. Not all people will have a major depressive disorder, but it is important to know how dysthymia or high functioning depression is and get the help or depression you need.

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The 6 signs include:

1. Constantly tired
2. Difficulty concentrating or focusing
3. Avoid social situations
4. Unhealthy coping methods
5. Constant concern about the future or the past
6. Extra irritable

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    6 Signs of High Functioning Depression (What is Dysthymia?)

    Comments 20

    1. I can be irtbale it dosen't help my dog isn't quite but it comes and goes I sometimes turn off the TV because it bugs me and my mum gets mad about that

    2. 1 ✔ I get up, just to lay back down.
      2 ✔ Can't do anything. Rooms a mess..
      3 ✔ Drained. My room is my prison.
      4 ✔ I relapsed.
      5 ✔ My life is f*cked!
      6 ❌ I put myself in check, though I'm very stressed, I do my best not taking it out on others.. Though I'm sad I don't give my loved ones much attention or love..

    3. Have fun!! 🙂 Thanks for the video, I had no idea that this was a thing. I feel like I've had this for possibly the past year or so.

    4. Do you reply to comments? Happy Bday. I just am confused now. Ive seen psychiatrist an therapist. Psychiatrist mentioned bipoloar but then I didnt test for it. But Im all over the place. But like I said in earlier posts, under extreme stress the last 3 yrs really. An menopause. But sometimes depressed. Sometimes anxiety. Sometimes mad (i think actually worried but comes off as yelling an mad)sometimes crying or just hopeless. Bad moods. Insomnia. Worrying about "what if's". Becomes over loaded in brain an I blow. Sometimes I want to disappear. Not hurt myself just disappear. I dont know anymore. Hormones are imporyant on older women like 45-60. Low hormones can cause alot. Have done any research into that? On men to? Or low Dopamine depression vs low serotonin depression? Have fun.

    5. Spot on! 👍🏻 Especially the future/past tripping and fatigue. You’re definitely inspiring me as I build my own channel! 😁 Thanks for all you do for the mental health community!🙏🏻

    6. Happy birthday! 🙂 i guess these sympthoms have been with me for my whole life and this affected my life a lot. Menthal health awareness is so important, thank you for spreading knowledge on this topic 🙂

    7. I already knew I have this. To bad my step mom (she is bipolar) and my dad don’t take me seriously. But when they are like talking to my therapist they always say that they listen to me and her but they also try and make me look bad I front of her (yes I have notified her they do this) is there any way I could get them to take me serious? (Sorry if my grammar sucks English is not my first language)

    8. I can relate to all of the signs, I’ve had dysthymia for at least 3 years now and I hope that i will eventually get better even though it feels like i never will…

    9. I started crying because of this video most of the sighs matched me. I'm actually terrified now

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