6 MOST COMMON Symptoms of Menopause // Know the Signs & Be Prepared

* However, menopause can be a true bike ride, knowing what the signs and symptoms can best prepare you for what lies ahead and help you make solid lifestyle decisions to support a better experience. Find out more in this video. *

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While it may not feel normal in any way, menopause is a NORMAL condition that all women will experience in their lives, usually somewhere between the ages of 45 and 55. You may have heard like "the change" and Yes, your body will go through many changes and, sometimes, these changes can have a great impact, making you feel that your body is a total stranger and that nothing you do seems to have A positive impact to help you feel better. or at least, as if you had control over what is happening. Rest assured, you are not crazy, you are not alone and there are things you can do that can help you navigate this transition without tearing your hair.

When we look at the lifestyle and then bring the menopause to the scene, there are some common symptoms that can help you know for sure that you are not only entering MENOPAUSE, but what changes you may need to PREPARE yourself and start making some changes in the lifestyle to support A better menopause experience.

I do not say that I can, nor will I, eliminate menopause or the symptoms I may be experiencing. However, by recognizing these 6 MOST COMMON SYMPTOMS, by understanding how they are affecting you, and by making some solid changes in your lifestyle, your symptoms may become less intense and perhaps even less frequent over time.

So what are these 6 MOST COMMON SYMPTOMS OF MENOPAUSE? First let me say that there are MANY symptoms of menopause, these are the 6 MOST COMMON ones that seem to cause the greatest anguish and challenges for women who go through menopause.

1. Changes in your menstrual cycle
2. Weight gain
3. Hot flushes
4. night sweats
5. Lower libido
6. Depression / severe mood swings

So what can you do? Well, body awareness is key to being able to step back and say "ok … things have changed and this is what I notice is happening with me." When you can identify your symptoms, you can also better determine if there are certain triggers that intensify or exacerbate them in some way.

With this awareness and knowledge, you can start making some lifestyle changes that may have a more positive influence in terms of decreasing the intensity and / or frequency of your symptoms. However, if you discover that your symptoms are too intense or cause you so much distress that they dramatically interfere with your life, SEEK YOUR PROFESSIONAL HELP from your doctor.

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6 MOST COMMON Symptoms of Menopause // Know the Signs & Be Prepared

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  1. Hi, would you address supplements for athletes on menopause with plateau, water retention and talk about holistic medicine, please. I am an athlete dealing with all those issues and so far, I havent found a solution for situation.

  2. My best description of perimenopause it’s like being pregnant going thru puberty and perpetual pms! My symptoms have varied and are all over the place I can deal with most symptoms I just want the period gone I always had bad cramping with periods and still do so some days are better then others I can see the light at the end of the tunnel I just take it one day at a time I appreciate these videos

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