5 Signs That Your Depression Could Actually Be an Awakening Process

5 signs that your depression could really be a process of awakening
November 24, 2016
by Sherrie

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    5 Signs That Your Depression Could Actually Be an Awakening Process

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    1. Why do i feel like im constantly working for something and i do certan things and pick certan items over other items when theyre the same thing and stuff and when i do this a person i love is on my mind and i feel like it has something to do with them
      Edit:actually im love them less now but like they stand out to me i no longer love them like before but they stand out and when were in the same room i always know that theyre there alnost like im sensing their energy

    2. Thank you very much for the video you are awesome I hope you remain happy and healthy all your life

    3. 2017 was a whole year or enlightenment. Most of the time i clearly remembered was looking at the sky each morning before the sun came up, and after the sun went down. Just to look at the stars. I can feel it read my physical being like it knows me so well.

    4. Take your vitamin D peeps! Especially if you live in a place like Oregon where it's rainy and dreary 6-8 months outta the year. Every time I feel depressed I have to first think what nutrient am I missing and vitamin d is huge in mental and physical health. Just a thought to help ease the struggle even tho I'm aware there's more to all of this

    5. Thank you for this video!! Love Thank you for all your videos! Love them. They are so helpful! ❤️🌷

    6. i feel it but I still have issues with my anxiety and paranoia. and im still bad at controlling my emotions. I'm really empathetic and since my awakening i feel like its even stronger and i literally find myself getting greatly affected by others emotions. I was riding with my sister and she almost crashed. tbh i couldnt care less most the people i sit passenger to are shitty of the shittiest drivers so if we swerve off i dont even flinch. ive gotten used to it but she has ptsd over a previous crash she had and i literally felt her emotions and i started to cry too. maybe because she was basically in my auric field or shes my sister and im connected with her or just my feeling of heightened empathy but i crieddd and i cried even more because i never knew thats how she truly felt with her ptsd. if anyone has tips to not get affected by others emotions or sicknesses then pls share. i cant keep crying all day. i get a headache from crying for even a min.

    7. Is it possible people with anxiety can just sense something coming, cause I've done that in my whole life, what if cause we have a sense for danger were just the first ones waking up?

    8. I keep thinking about polarity, especially in this latest depression, I know ALL I need is inside. Now I must work. it's not comfortable but necessary. I am grateful nonetheless.

    9. your every clips is full of deep knowledge. these thoughts is the basic principles of Sikhism.
      I appreciate that your clips are very short and contains a fruitful knowledge. Thanks and AMIN

    10. Nice!! I never thought of it that way, but after this video it's true in my case. When I thought my life was completely falling apart and that I was losing my mind, is when my spiritual awakening began. I also recently read an article about depression at a doctor's office and it said that the only thing proven to cause depression is inflation and that the chemical imbalance stuff they give you has never been proven. I was shocked because I went to college for three years studying psychology and not one time did I ever hear that the whole chemical imbalance stuff was just a hypothesis and was never proved. It was always presented as fact.

    11. when I woke up I realized that I did not know who I was, I did not know who my husband of 28 years was, this was not just a passing feeling. anyone else experience anything like this?

    12. after the awakening process what will happen? what does it mean to be awakened or enlightenment?

    13. i m going through it right now. somewhere at my inner place I know all that, but the world around me makes me feel skeptic about it. but after hearing from you its like great relied. thank you.

    14. i m going through it right now. somewhere at my inner place I know all that, but the world around me makes me feel skeptic about it. but after hearing from you its like great relied. thank you.

    15. I can testify that this is correct. I had a bit of a breakdown this time last year. The therapy didn't help so I turned to meditation to help calm my mind and push away the bad thoughts. I've made more progress than I ever thought I could,Not to mention the feeling of being grounded and whole. Thank you so much for putting this video up.

    16. Oh! ….. Sherrie, you forgot to mention! …..
      ….. And! ….. "DON'T BE SO …………… F – ING SERIOUS!!!!!!!!!!! ……….. Lol!
      Thank you!!! Sherrie X Thank you!!! Higher Self X
      ; )

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