5 Natural Treatments for a Herniated Disc

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In this video, you will learn 5 natural ways to treat a herniated disc, a bulging disc or lower back pain.

1. Diet
The collagen diet is ideal for healing and repairing a damaged disc and tissue. You can find collagen in bone broth fluid, which when consumed regularly is the best diet you can do to heal and repair. Eating bone broth protein 2-3 times a day is a must.

You will also want to get more antioxidants through foods such as blueberries. The perfect breakfast would be a smoothie with blueberries, powdered collagen powder or bone broth protein, coconut milk and anti-inflammatory herbs such as ginger root. Then continue with the lunch and dinner of soup or stew made with bone broth protein.

2. Supplements
Collagen protein powder or bone broth for essential amino acids
Omega 3 fish oils
MSM Sulfur-containing supplement for joint repair
Anti-inflammatory herbs such as turmeric for damaged tissue

3. Egoscue
If you have poor posture, you will exert additional pressure on that disc and cause a herniated disc. This form of physical therapy assigns you a specific set of exercises and stretches to restore your posture and is crucial to treating this type of injury.

4. Prolotherapy (PRP)
Platelet-rich plasma injections are important for repairing damaged tissue. When you hurt your lower back, the ligaments can become lax and your muscles can suffer spasms when trying to compensate, which may actually be the root cause of your pain.

5. Corrective Chiropractic Care
Corrective chiropractic is essential to re-train your body and recover the correct spinal curvatures. Since 90% of chiropractors would make a correction that could possibly cause the ligaments to become loose, it is crucial to find someone in your area who specifically practices corrective chiropractic care.

* This content is strictly the opinion of Dr. Josh Ax, and is for informational and educational purposes only. It is not intended to provide medical advice or to replace medical advice or the treatment of a personal physician. All readers of this content are advised to consult with their doctors or qualified health professionals on specific health issues. Neither Dr. Ax nor the editor of this content assume responsibility for possible consequences for the health of any person or persons who read or follow the information contained in this educational content. All readers of this content, especially those who take prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

Video credits to Dr. Josh Axe YouTube channel

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    5 Natural Treatments for a Herniated Disc

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    1. Been taking collagen and curcumin and ginger the last couple of days. I guess it takes long for the affects to kick in. I’ll keep you updated.

    2. For vegan you can try collagen from sea weed and colostrum from cow milk. It's really effective.

    3. Bone broth? What kind of bullshit advice is this? Brought to you by the meat industry? This dude is such a shill

    4. Mc timoney chriopratic is ver y good for this… it is very gentle…. check it out on you tube ….

    5. I don’t eat animals, that’s not good karma. Turmeric is great for inflammation. But what I found that helped most was binereal beats and a diet of greens.

    6. Iam a vegetarian please what else can I take as a broth veggie
      I only eat cage free eggs

    7. Thanks for the tips about food that we should consume, but about the foods that we shouldn't, the ones that don't help the healing process or the ones that are detrimental.
      THanks again!!!

    8. Hi everyone, I have L4-L5 herniated disc with the bulging of 3mm according to the MRI results.
      Before getting the MRI a chiropractor diagnosed Piriformis Syndrom. The Piriformis is a muscles underneath your glutes.
      The adjustments just made everything worse so I decided to stop at te 4th session.
      Accupunture helped ease the pain but just to a certain point.
      What really helped me was decompression of the spine on a traction table.
      Be VERY CAREFUL when getting adjustments by chiropractors since like in my case, any rotational adjustment seemed to put more pression on the disc therefore pinching the nerve again.
      After 15 sessions of spine decompression almost all the symptons were gone.
      Good luck to you all and try to wear a semi rigid belt or corset

    9. So just spend all your time cooking and eating? I can't work and make money how dose a guy buy all this, sound like a lot of $$$

    10. i had been paralized for 1week at the hospital because of herniated disc to the left but now im ok but something i feel numbness on my righthand…and feel tired on my neck this almost 2 years already…what will i do to go back in normal please help me

    11. Hello Dr Josh, what do you mean exactly by healing a herniated disc? do you mean relieving the muscle spasm & releasing pressure off the nerve roots, or making the disc recoil back to its original location prior to the injury? I am asking because all the orthopedists I have consulted there is no way a bulged disc can be brought back to its place!

    12. Wow, What a really good, informative, short, to be the point video with stuff I hadn't actually heard before. Guy really sounds like he knows he's stuff!! Thanks a Mill!!

    13. I'm 16 and hurt my back a year ago trying to lift up a car so we could get a jack under it. I hurt my lower right back pretty close to my hip. It was a sudden sharp pain that I got while I was lifting and the pain over the past year has been on and off and gets aggregated from things like leaning over and washing my hands and leaning down to tie my shoes. Does anyone have any idea what is wrong with my back. Please help, I don't want to live the rest of my life like this.

    14. First of all, the dr is not a dr…. and, for all of you believing this bullshit i say: The natural history of a lumbar hernia of the nucleus pulposus (HNP) is not fully known and clear indications for operative intervention cannot be established from the literature. Several studies have shown that the largest discs appear to have the greatest tendency to resolve with or without the tips stated in this video.

      A massive disc herniation can pursue a favourable clinical course. If early progress is shown, the long-term prognosis is very good and even massive disc herniations can be treated conservatively.

      So in most cases if you give nature the chance to do what it is supposed to do, within 18 Months the disc hernia Will be resolved. What than sometimes is left over is a lower excitation of the nerve root and or bad informed patients that have a low loadability because of inadequet coping, ilnessbeliefs or profit from the disease in social psychological or work situations. So get advice from a scientific educated therapist and skip this video in Total…

    15. I drink it daily and I have a blueberries outside my door and consume them daily… I have 3 ruptured 4 herniated disks ranging from between my shoulders to my hips… nothing has worked yet!

    16. I will definitely try the bone broth. I see it's a repeated remedy on this channel so I'll take it as a sign. My upper back is my problem. I'm hoping this helps.

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