44 Amazing Quotes Hurt Feelings of Love | Life | Family | Heart Break

44 incredible quotes Smite feelings of love | Life | Family | Heart Break
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    44 Amazing Quotes Hurt Feelings of Love | Life | Family | Heart Break

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    1. finding out your whole family lied to you all your life. hard to take. especially knowing whar you wanted was different to wants. i wanted creativity and fun and they wanted power and money. so sad.

    2. These are small things. Someone devilish will come skipping happily and crush them real painfully.Dont let such people bother you. Tell yourself – he is waiting for that devil to give him treatment…and you go SKIPPING HAPPILY.

    3. I disagree with quote sometimes better to be alone nobody can hurt you. No! Everyone needs friends and their family. Some have pets. It's never better to be completely alone. When it comes to different kind of relationship, man/woman, heterosexual, woman/woman, lesbian, man/man, homosexual, or, bisexual, both sexes, if things aren't working, &, constantly getting hurt, or, worse, then it is best to be alone for however long you need. But never good to be alone without friends, family, your pets, or, whatever.

    4. I think you may have butterflies on the brain. Are you saying I'm that shallow? Well you don't have good intuition. You first thought I was perfect. It shows you can be wrong.

    5. I cannot be with someone totally and forever if I cannot trust them. Trust is given by me freely because that is who I am. When you break that trust knowingly and with for thought you lose my trust. I am sorry but you have to earn my trust back. I am not going to take another chance unless I know for sure I can trust you. I trusted you with everything I am and you just threw me away like I was nothing. Does not matter why. You did it and you know you did. Not edited for content. Too upset.

    6. If you can sleep at all it takes all i have at times the hurt i feel is so deep and hard as i try the pain doesn’t go away πŸ˜”

    7. The hardest thing is when People can not respect themselves, and when you bring unnecessary grief to your closest.

    8. The only thing That hurts is
      When your loved one is hurting and you are not there to tell them it will be ok anyhow.

    9. Actually my family has laughed and treated me like an embarrassment ever since I was 5 there are 6 young cousins that treat me the worst and they took a group photo without me and also go out without me only 4 are older than me the others are 12 and 9 yrs old (yes my mom aunts uncles dad and grandmas also treat me this way) I want to just completely turn them down and hurt their feelings after all the pain they treated like some joke what should I do i can’t take it anymore…

    10. Every word is true an makes sense. It may take a few walks onthe beach but the pain will go away! Thank god for real friends!its so funny i never really loved or trusted before an l know i will never do it again! Life was less painful being shut [email protected]@

    11. If u r reading this, then remember u r beautiful don't change ur self not even for somebody else and also remember let ur smile change the world but don't let the world change ur smile .😊

    12. I think I am the unhappiest person in this world.If anybody ever cry for 9 hours in a whole day ? My parents dont undersand my feelings and I waste my feelings on them. God is blind and cruel. He is dumb. He loves to make people cry.

    13. All I want to do right now is cry and scream and let it all out because it's killing me inside.

    14. 3:03 THANKS YOU πŸ˜₯⚘β™₯οΈπŸ–€πŸ’š…● BROWN FAMILY .DAPHNE COTTON πŸ’œ…πŸ˜₯

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