4 Common Lies Depression Tells Us

Depression does not care if you are rich, poor, what color your skin is, where you live, depression does not matter because depression can affect anyone at any given time

Depression affects millions and millions of people around the world, including men, women, adolescents and adults.

Depression is a debilitating disorder that takes over and completely controls your life.

Depression not only affects you emotionally and mentally, it also affects you physically.

Depression is a massive liar that feeds the lies we tend to believe.

Here are 4 common lies that depression tells us.

1- You're useless!
2- You are unpleasant
3- you are completely alone
4- It will never get better, you will feel that way forever!

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4 Common Lies Depression Tells Us

Comments 14

  1. Thank you Charlie for the encouragement but my depression is telling me it's easier said than done

  2. Thanks for the video because today I'm shattered, I'm sick of my sister's comments, sick of her thinking that I'm faking depression for she doesn't do her things.
    She said things that sounds like I'm selfish just because I say that I'm not okay.

  3. "Your not good enough"
    "Worthless hopless useless helpless" "no one loves you" "mistake" "no one understands you" "nothing will get better" "ugly" "stupid" ETC for me

  4. HMM that’s weird YouTube is nto sedning notifications for some reason soryr if all of these letters are dpelled wrong I am starting to have a panic attack so my hands are shaking really bad and I can’t see vert wel

  5. Thinking this ALL THE TIME…. . .
    Your actually telling me the same things my psychologist do
    But its ok
    I have to remember me everyday that all these things are lies

  6. Hey man how are you I have been staying every night at the hospital with my wife preeclampsia got worse she might deliver within this week or next week my son is 4lbs and I wanted to as if ypu could pray for her man?

  7. I just got promoted on this very moment. but feel I do not deserve this. I feel I am not worthy of it.

  8. Thank you for posting uplifting videos we love you. Aka yours fans you are so kind charlie you are not alone to!!! Yeah my depression has told me this but its got better I also have ptsd from somthing my brother did to me it still hurts me but I'm getting better

  9. Depression tells us we are not worthy when we actually are in! Nice video 👍🏾

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