3 Worst Bipolar Symptoms and How They Affect Me | HealthyPlace

I am sharing the three worst symptoms of bipolar disorder and how they affect me.

The worst bipolar symptoms I face are depression, anxiety and unwanted thoughts. These three symptoms that have made me feel hopeless and worthless.

Depression lows can be paralyzing, and something as simple as answering the phone is tiring. Anxiety is something that I deal with when I'm stressed or overwhelmed. It is not a bipolar symptom that is always present, but it is extreme when it occurs. On the other hand, unwanted thoughts are often in my life with bipolar disorder 2. It is doubt and negative feelings about me that can be very intense. In the past, when he was not receiving treatment for bipolar disorder, he self-injured.

These are the three worst bipolar symptoms that affect my life. What are some of the bipolar symptoms that you are facing and how do they affect you? Share your comments below or make a response video and send it to [email protected] See you next week! Hannah

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    3 Worst Bipolar Symptoms and How They Affect Me | HealthyPlace

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    1. I can view my life in a positive light or a negative light. I have two narratives running in the background about my life. Depending upon the day I will communicate the version eatheir way. Does anyone have the same problem with their bipolar disorder and always going back to the ugly past with blame and shame or looking at it as challenges overcome and different knowledge bases learned?

    2. Bipolar made me more creative and special but in the other hand, when I stop taking "Depakene" (mood stabilizer) I feel that the sun has gone and everything is bad.

    3. Same, Hannah. Anxiety that comes and goes as it pleases. Depression , it switches on and off regardless if triggered or not. And intrusive thoughts that pop up in my head when I'm feeling stressed and/or overwhelmed. & it's like I have no control sometimes even with medication…which makes me question does the meds even work????? Which has moved me to stop taking them many times… But then when I can't take it any more I'm back on them….It's a vicious cycle!

    4. Unwanted thoughts are the worst. I came out of a relationship with a narcissistic person which was horrendous.

    5. U go girl! this is how was before came stable with my bipolar!I know the feeling! I Hate change! Yep depresses I worried all the Time! Negative all! Out control feeling! I hate this feeling! Can't sleep alway wake! Anxiety high never to leave the house! Cry alot, get anger, try to hurt my self,but never did! I never hurt anyone else!

    6. Great video, glad you got out of the sand storm , I'had some similar feelings myself in the past…talking therapy plus deliverance ( expelling bad spirits Jesus way) are helping .. 🙂 A.

    7. Hi Hannah, my worst symptoms are the depression, suicidal thoughts & my Anxiety! I feel like an empty vessel at times & I won't leave my apartment alone everyone! I have been like this for over a year. As long as I don't participate with the public I'm ok. All of these things are crippling! Sometimes it's hard to find the light! Thanks for your videos!

    8. Agitation,= Anxiety = Panic attack = paranoia, well that's how it works for me, if I am depressed I will just break down and cry, but if I am manic I can become violent so much so that I have blackouts (No I don't have TLE have done a 24 hour ECG, shows no such symptoms )
      Depression makes me almost non functional, the worst probably is not being able to think constructively
      I am medication compliant, basically stable now, have good coping skills and my moods don't swing very much anymore which is a relief (Bipolar 1)

    9. Hi, Hannah. Thank you for giving us a glimpse into your life. As always, a great video. Depression is by far the worst of it for me. I can be fine one day and the next I am in the well. It's how I imagine being buried alive would feel. I also get a lot of physiological kick back, as well. When depressed my body experiences excruciating pain and it can actually hurt to move. Breathing is difficult and then, there is the crying. Unstoppable crying. The mania, on the other hand, can be equally as debilitating, I just don't have the physiological symptoms. It's all psychological. When manic, I can think that I'm invincible and do some crazy, life threatening things.

    10. I deal with a milder depression right now, without meds it would be really severe but now it is like my brain is clouded, I can’t concentrate and struggle to wake up in te morning. However I am grateful that I am on the right medications because I still thrive even though I feel a little bad right now, it’s not what it used to be and I know it will pass soon and I will go months or years again without 🙂 The worst part about bipolar for me is the fatigue, anxiety & racing thoughts and hyperactivity during hypomania. It’s hard to stay stable when hypomania comes because you get less sleep automatically and then it spirals out of control real fast and I can’t do anything about it. With depression I can do things like exercising and feel better temporarily and people around me have been really accepting when I have opened up about it all and I can talk to them❤️

    11. Memory problems and fatigue. I hate those days when I have to use every last bit of energy to get myself to the kitchen only to realize that I don't remember how to cook my favorite food anymore. I hope that my new medication will help with this.

    12. I know what you mean when you talk about stress. When things that I doing fall apart that day. I go from 1 to 100 seconds. I get so heated so fast.

    13. Thank you so much, Hannah, for all that you do!! You encourage me so much and give me so much hope, along with making me feel more "normal" because I can identify with what you're saying most of the time.

      For me, the worst parts have been these 3:

      Medication – I'm currently trying my 4th or 5th medication, and the others I've tried either didn't work or have made me so much worse. It gets extremely discouraging having absolutely no control over what's happening in your body and not having a solution to help you, even when there are so many people who benefit from medication. I really hope I find the right one soon 😢

      Depression – I totally feel like what you said – I feel like a ghost. Like I'm not even myself, and I feel completely hopeless and can't see a future with myself (probably sounds weird, but it's my reality). It also makes me so tired I can't get out of bed even to bathe or go to the bathroom (I'm super surprised that I've never had a kidney infection, honestly). I also have horrible memory problems and brain fog, which is one of the worst parts to me, because I love learning and remembering all the new information that I've learned. My depression has actually been so bad and for so many years that I didn't get diagnosed with bipolar II until only a month or two ago, so again, your videos have really helped me personally 💓

      Comorbidity – I also have obsessive-compulsive disorder, so sometimes that along with the unpredictability and instability of bipolar is just too much to handle. Already having obsessive thoughts really isn't helped when I am experiencing racing thoughts/hypomania. And a bonus thing that is the worst for me is the stigma. Having both OCD and bipolar disorder (which honestly seem like 2 of the most stereotyped mental illnesses) is really, really hard… People just don't get it. With OCD, I get "oh, yeah, I'm totally OCD about _____!!" or if I tell people what it actually means for me they get weirded out and shut me out. And then with bipolar, there's the stereotypes and lack of knowledge that lead people to say stuff like "omg you're so bipolar" when someone is just experiencing a neurotypical change of emotion or changes their mind quickly or something. It gets really frustrating and feels powerless because the stereotypes and misunderstandings hurt because they're so minimizing and/or offensive, but they're also so prevalent and hold a lot of influence for the way people see/treat people like me who are literally just trying to make it.

    14. Worst symptoms for me: 1. Constant fear, 2. self -harm and/or harm facilitated by another consenting adult and 3. acting out fetishes alone or with another person.

    15. Thanks for sharing Hannah 🙂 I´m BP2 and take an SNRI and Lithium. Pre-meds and in hypomanic phase: I used to get anxiety in my neck and chest area, racing thoughts, impulsivity/recklessness. In depressive phase: crying spells, low mood/energy, disgusting intrusive thoughts. These all stopped when I started the SNRI. However, I continued to have low grade depression and mood swings until starting Lithium. I feel extremely calm, not impulsive and as close to "normal" on the Lithium….
      To all of you who haven´t stabilized your mood with medication – you need to do this ASAP! If your not on meds and still cycling – what are you thinking??? Talk therapy, CBT etc. is great but it won´t alter the biochemical basis for your disorder. I can personally recommend Lithium….
      So at the moment, the most bothersome BP symptoms I still experience are: endless rumination (usually negative), self-critical inner dialogue and feelings of emptiness. I attribute these to the disorder and not the medication.

    16. Apathy may be part of depression, but I see it also as a separate entity. It acts as a protective device against my tendency to have too much empathy, but it creates its own problems. It leads me to self-isolate, which of course aggravates depression. When I'm in an apathetic well, I usually know it, but choose not to do anything about it, which leads to irresponsibility, hurt feelings, and guilt–which, of course, further exacerbates depression and anxiety. It's a mess.

    17. Thanks for the insight into BP and how it affects your life. I was diagnosed in 2015 and in the last year I have been researching borderline personality disorder. After watching this video it's pretty apparent to me now I might actually suffer from bpd instead or as a comorbidity. My depression usually was mild and usually I was more upset by triggers except after I found our my ex had passed away pit of nowhere. After that my depression was full on. I would cry all day, while cooking, dressing, and I stopped working too! At the same time I was still dealing with hypomania and strong reactions to so much. I was diagnosed after a bad episode of rage and self harm, which I'd been doing since 11 years and the self harm around 15. It seemed like bipolar depression was what it was, but I have so many borderline traits. Anyways, thanks for your commitment to this project and helping me understand myself and my mental health better. 🙂

    18. Depression is the worst symptom for me. I'm dealing with it now. Of course, I have the obsessive thoughts that come with it. Those thoughts trigger my paranoia. I feel like everyone is out to get me right now. I feel like people who say they care about me, really don't care at all. I absolutely hate this illness.

    19. I feel like not ever feeling again!
      But feelings are not facts. Depression, stress and anxiety thats reality for me rite now. (Legal issues) but im gonna pray do some deep breathing and do the next rite thing and come out the other side ok. "I hope"

    20. I hate never knowing when what symptom will happen. I find it hard to plan things and I stress will I be ok that day? I feel so normal sometimes for a couple days and then fall off a cliff, it’s hard to keep things moving forward when you are constantly starting over again. The bully in my head is bad, I’ve gone to therapy/CBT for a long time trying to work on it and gain confidence, it’s a real struggle. It makes me not want to be in a relationship, or do other things because I have to believe in myself first and like myself. How can I ever have any of that if I don’t?

    21. I can relate to your situation and we all find ourselves on strange highways from time to time. STAY STRONG 👍

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