3 Signs You’ve Had A Bad Childhood

Can you relate to this video? Do you have any of these 3 signs?

If you have had a wonderful happy childhood, then you are lucky, if you did not, it is not your fault.

Here are 3 signs that you have had a bad childhood

1. You apologize for everything.
2. It is difficult to trust others.
3. You have low self-esteem.

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Video credits to Authentic Mental Health YouTube channel

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    3 Signs You’ve Had A Bad Childhood

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    1. I didn't really have a bad child hood but i still say sorry for everything and i have low self-esteem because I have depression and it’s hard to have high self-esteem when you are over in the corner crying to yourself

    2. I relate to all of this I dont know If I had a bad childhood I was bullied and my parents well they made very many mistakes. But I think they care and thought they were doing the right thing

    3. Yes I have since I was 3 it was horrible terrible environment called things every day was not treated very well it was horrible

    4. I have trust issues, but it wasn’t because of my parents or my sibling.
      My dad though has yelled at me a lot for the most dumb things but when my sibling does these things my dad doesn’t yell at her. I feel like my dad has a favourite child but it’s not me. I feel like my dad makes me feel bad for things I didn’t do, or don’t know about.
      I finally was able to tell my mom I have depression, but she is acting like she doesn’t really care.

    5. I once went the my GP for anxiety medication aka Xanax and the first thing she said is , get that thousand yard stare off your face for starters 😂😂

    6. I'm always hyper aware of absolutely everyone around me I don't show it but I'm watching everyone because of the extreme violence I witnessed as a child not just from inside the family but also from outside forces too , it's so annoying I wish I could just chill every now and then 😂

    7. This makes me so much cry 😭 is like you’re talking about me I really need help no one will understand me how emotional all the time I’m I blamed everything my self ☹️☹️

    8. i don t need to see this video to know this…….

      how can i start???
      my abusive family!
      my extreamly violent bullies in kindergarden/elementary/middleschool!
      ……….people don t understand my sadness…….
      i have ALL this signs……..and they are visible all the time
      if you want i can tell the all story but i think you'll be sad for me like others…………

    9. I had a bad childhood and it isn't a something new to me, I've realized that my childhood was unhealthy.
      I can relate myself to 3 signs

    10. got all sings so I want a certificate to hang above my bed so I can be remembered of that I had a bad childhood haha

    11. Another should be isolation. Being isolated from having friends can attract toxic people into your life later. Causeing self-esteem and trust issues. I know cause I've been there. And you lack a lot of social skills.🙁

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