15 Signs You Are Emotionally And Mentally Exhausted

Here are 15 warning signs that you are emotionally and mentally exhausted. We live busy and busy lives, and often neglect both our emotional health and our mental health. But over time, chronic stress affects our body and general well-being.

There are a number of symptoms of emotional and mental exhaustion. Although the limits of each person are different, the signs of exhaustion are practically the same. These include fatigue, insomnia, anxiety disorder, lack of motivation and other health problems such as headaches, dizziness and nausea. If you stay in this state for a long time, you will have symptoms that get worse and can turn into more serious health conditions, including depression.

It is probably impossible to completely avoid stress and stressful situations. But we owe it to ourselves to recognize when we are heading towards exhaustion, so that we can form new healthy habits and make the necessary changes in lifestyle, before it is too late.

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15 Signs You Are Emotionally And Mentally Exhausted

Comments 33

  1. So true about having to break off relationships that are toxic or emotionally draining.. I had to and I feel lighter in spirit now..

  2. This Happens also if you take MONEY from OTHER PEOPLE that is NOT YOURS & KILL they MOTHER & TAKE OTHER PEOPLE'S HOMES from POOR BLACKS outside YOUR RACE.

  3. I'm sixty-two and have been a power house all my life. I clean houses and had high energy. January the 22 I fell on the ice at my apt. They don't get out and salt the sidewalks because they are elderly and can do their jobs anymore. I offered them a break from doing the shoveling of snow and salting but they turned me down (I offered to do this for free) I fell and hit my head really hard, I had a concussion and double vision for a couple of days. I didn't go to the hospital because I was taking care of my kids farm animals while they were at Disney world in Florida. I could hardly walk because I hurt all over, my head still hurts a little everday. The thing that the fall really affected is my thought process, my speech, my Ballance, and memory. That week I was on the farm the temperatures were below zero and 4 degrees above zero most of the week. I started coughing and continue to cough to this day. I thought I had pneumonia because I've been sick running fevers for a month. I started coughing up what looks like patches of my throat that look yellow with black veins in it. I'm sick everyday and this over 3 monthes has left me unable to clean stressed to the max and exhausted. Thank you for the upload BD.

  4. Please make a video on how to cope with these feelings and emotions naturally because having to take pills just to sleep and for my anxiety is so unnatural . Thank you

  5. After the first 5 symptoms .. i was like…fck this i need solutions.. but you just went on describing my life more and more

  6. Yoga and guided meditations have helped reduce my stress levels alot. I have also embraced taking it one day at a time; this is difficult for us planners and type A personality types to do, but so worth our long term mental and emotional health 💖

  7. Check,check and check. Self care is so important. Buy the flowers for yourself, or whatever the case maybe, talk to a therapist, go to a yoga class or something. But book time off from work-even a day or two is maybe the most important.

  8. We need to know how to handle our emotions cuz nowadays anything causes us lot of trouble .

  9. I can't believe it, I'm facing 5 to 6 of the addressing problems for almost 5 months.

  10. Thank you brainy dose!! I hope things get better for your channel!!! The only place that drains me is college, I just don't want to be there anymore.

  11. I have been in this state for several years due to others actions beyond my control which cause harm to my loved one,s. l have almost totally lost the capacity for joy, and often feel my life is too difficult to cope with. l have had to be strong all my life , but it depletes the emotional strength we start out with till we are in the red, with nothing left to cope with ongoing problems. This destroys physical health also, as has been proven in my case. A feeling of hopelessness is my constant companion as l cannot find any solution to the problems causing this dilemma, because the one,s causing all the horror have no will to change. l worry l will die leaving no improvement. lt breaks my heart and worries me greatly all the time.

  12. If you like everyday is the same and there no change in sight.. you’re wrong.

  13. Number 6 is all too common, many struggle with caring for themselves on the back of exhaustion or stress

  14. These are all so true. And also the stages, I've been struggling this for about six months. Glad that I'm becoming myself again

  15. Mostly true!!! I don't deal with not being able to sleep, just the opposite!!! I can sleep it away…or wish to…

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