13 Things People Don’t Realize You Do Because of Your Anxiety

Dealing with anxiety is strong enough, but what is even worse is when people do not understand it. Many who have never experienced or are not familiar with someone who goes through anxiety have many misconceptions about it and the things that people do for that reason. It makes coping with anxiety much more difficult.

In this video we will discuss 13 things that people do not realize you are doing because of their anxiety. In general, people with anxiety do certain things to overcome their anxiety. The sensation is the last for a short time, but it is necessary. The problem is that many people misinterpret what they are doing.

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    13 Things People Don’t Realize You Do Because of Your Anxiety

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    1. Me: Says hi to someone but they don’t hear me.

      The Person: Is talking to someone.

      Me: Waits for them to stop talking so I don’t interrupt them.

      They stop talking.

      Me: Says hi again but they don’t hear me and they start talking again.

      While they keep talking I’m finding for the right moment to greet them.

      The moment comes

      Me: “H-“ I ended up becoming hesitant for saying Hi.

      They end up talking again.

      I finally say Hi one minute later.

    2. I wish I wasn’t so young and people understand that I can’t help myself in any Type of pressure. I so clingy to my brother and I wish people understood why. My parents yell at me because of my anxiety. Deep breaths make me more anxious. So does anything that’s supposed to help. So yeah

    3. I don’t have anxiety I think I just have a low self esteem. I remind myself of when I got in trouble in school. I got in trouble in 7th grade for something so small, there was something wrong with the teacher not me, but I still cried about it. I’m about to go to high school and I still remind myself, “Remember that time that teacher shouted at you?”.
      This teacher was usually very calm and I liked her until she shouted at me. I just wanted to have some kind of power to scare her off. I also shake a lot when I’m about to present something to my class, I’m trying to calm down myself from these types of situations now. My heart starts to beat fast when I think someone is going to call me out in front of more than fifteen people(has to be people I’m not very used too). When I said call out I meant by in a negative way of course but also in positive ways too, like if they’re thanking me for something. I don’t know if this is anxiety or not but if it’s not I need to get rid off it because gives me too many negative thoughts.

    4. Having anxiety sucks man. Especially number 8 sucks cause I have one friend. Which mean not many people have my back.

    5. can't get clingy on relationships if your own anxiety blocked you from getting any relationship at this point

    6. Well…
      I’m not clingy (and I have never been called clingy)
      Also that yes I do hold on to my phone but normally I just pretend to be listening to music….

    7. Number 8 was funny. It's not just my anxiety that keeps me from making friends, it's the sheer fact that people don't like me at all (I know from numerous past experiences) so my anxiety tells me not to even bother…which I don't.

    8. OMG I ALWAYS OVER CHECK THINGS…. on instagram and all my social media’s i check to see all my accounts because i feel like i posted something even tho i never did… and with my hw i double check it way to many times to the point where it’s so bad.

    9. Weird. No. 5 and 8 hit home for me but not due to anxiety, just very low self esteem.
      Otherwise, none of these apply to me but I experience anxiety in other ways. I have a different type of anxiety maybe?

    10. i comment here hoping someone reply this, i have a problem but i dont have a friend to talk about it , usually i keep it in my mind but i dont know why this time i want to talk with somebody , anyone even i dont know him/her , hmm sorry i just wanna say .. i need friend to talk :") thank you

    11. I was going to go to two parties and couldn’t because my anxiety was so bad. Last night I had one of the worst anxiety attacks and have been anxious and guilty about calling out of work. I never thought I had it, but maybe I do.

    12. I feel like I’m the only one with severe anxiety who can’t really relate to much of this

    13. I'm an 11 year old and I have anxiety, I new because of multiple videos and information on the internet (Including this) I knew I had symptoms but I did not know it was that bad. BTW I quadruple checked this tbh.

    14. Number 2 ✔️
      Number 3✔️
      Number 4✔️
      Number 7✔️
      Number 8✔️
      Number 10✔️
      Number 12✔️

    15. What about those under 18? I have anxiety (And chronic depression, but that's a story for another day) And i'm only 13, Reason why I have it? Idk, but I blame certain people for it.

    16. Ha, I don’t go to parties because I’m scared of them. And crowds. And social interaction. Loud sounds, music. Yep.

    17. Yo I don’t have Generalized Anxiety Disorder but what I do have is social anxiety and, oh, do I do these things. And I used to think that these symptoms were normal, everyone gets them. But I’ve figured out that some of this is very not healthy. I’ve seen myself break relationships with others because Im scared to talk to them, and then I break myself down because I think they don’t like me. I’ve gotten to a point where my self esteem is so low, I cannot tell myself something good about myself without thinking, no, that’s not true. Intrusive thoughts and obsessions often plague my mind and my phone has turned into a crutch that I can’t live without. It’s hard.

    18. Last night I stayed up for Hurd worrying about wither I watered my neighbor’s plants the right way and whether I am keeping them alive. I know it sounds stupid to some people but that’s what anxiety does. You worry about the stupidest things that you don’t need to worry about and you over think everything :(((

    19. That kinda explains why i suddenly ran out of the class room for no reason and started crying… how do i find out if i have anxiety, i relate to all of these. Random thoughts about embarasing thing that happend years ago have kept me up until 3 am for the past months.

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