11 Alkaline Foods That Will Knock Inflammation And Pain Out Of Your Body

Your immune system is activated when your body recognizes anything strange, such as an invading microbe, plant or chemical pollen. This often triggers a process called inflammation. Intermittent attacks of inflammation aimed at truly threatening invaders protect your health. Many important diseases that affect us, such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, depression and Alzheimer's, have been linked to chronic inflammation.

Here, 11 alkaline foods that will eliminate inflammation and pain in your body:
1. sesame oil
2. Prickley Pear
3. Sage
4. Bladderwrack
5. guanábana
6. Burro Bananas
7. bay leaves
8. Tila De Tila
9. Burdock tea
10. Vervain blue
11. Sarsaparilla

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    11 Alkaline Foods That Will Knock Inflammation And Pain Out Of Your Body

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    1. Thank you so very much! God bless you! Can u tell me if this is good for herniated disc recovery?

    2. There are lot of people including myself that didn't have the knowledge about natural foods that can help you or alleviate life crisis plague. Thank you for the necessary information, please continue posting more videos!👍

    3. Nipsy, you brought me here after your Death. I am now researching everything on how to heal from the disease of degenerative bones and dealing with three different type of arthritis! May you rest in peace! I will neva forget you

    4. 1. Sesame Oil
      2. Prickly Pear
      3. Sage
      4. Bladderwrack
      5. Soursop
      6. Burro Banana
      7. Bay Leaves
      8. Tilla Tea
      9. Burdock Tea
      10. Blue Vervain
      11. Sarsaparilla

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    6. do some research, Allow The Almighty Master guide you away from deception. I have to go. Peace to you all

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