10 Symptoms of Depression EVERYONE Should Know

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In this video, I talk about the symptoms of depression. If you have any of these symptoms, I hope you know that you are not alone and that there is a lot of help for you.

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Hello! My name is Kristen, I am 22 years old, I am from Sacramento CA and I graduate in the spring with my degree in psychology. I created this channel for three reasons that are very close to my heart. One, to help others tell their stories and be supporters of mental health. Two, to give tips and tricks of recovery to help others find the help they need. And three, to spread the knowledge of mental health problems to fight against the stigma that surrounds it. The more we talk about mental illnesses, the more normalized we will be in our society and the more people will not be ashamed to get help!

☆ DISCLAIMER ☆ I am not a professional. If you seek professional advice, consult your doctor or primary care therapist. The information in this publication is based on personal experiences, personal knowledge or research I have done on the subject. These videos are not an alternative to therapy and are not intended to be used for self-diagnosis. If it is an emergency, call 911, call your local crisis line or go to your nearest hospital.

Video credits to LikeKristen YouTube channel

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    10 Symptoms of Depression EVERYONE Should Know

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    1. I detest viewing my son entering depression so I searched and discovered therapy “fetching kafon press” (Google it) and my boy was using it for many months. Before he didn`t enjoy life but after reading it he is now joyful and far healthier. It is just like he`s a different person now.

    2. Hi me again aha yea iv been watching most of your bids in the past couple hours but if you have all this simptoms does that mean for sure you have depression? I mean my friends consider me one of the nicest people but my friend wouldn't give me space and I snapped and he was up against the wall before a fell down criying does that also mean I might have depression? Or am I just a bad person?

    3. I’ve been losing a lot of weight
      Not eating enough
      Change of appetite
      I suck in all the air in my lungs and hold it there til I can’t breathe
      Hoping it will make me look thinner
      I’ve been having weird shoulder and back pain along with idk rib pain
      I wear my hair down I front of my face where ever I go hoping no one will see me
      I look in the mirror and I see a ugly creep
      I don’t love myself
      So I don’t understand why someone loves me
      I like to stay up late like til 3 am I like waking up about 6 am
      I pretend to be happy so my friends and family don’t worry
      Anyway yeah

    4. I have commented before, I always feel worthless, angered and alone, I’m 10 years old! I have almost attempted suicide to no avail. I have gone to a councillor but I could open up it was to hard. I suffer from anxiety so bad that I’ll be laying all happy and then feeling like I’m dying, and not being able to breath! YOU HAVE GIVEN ME HOPE, for once in my life I can feel happy about my existence. I told my mother and she didn’t help, I can’t tell my father for fear of being judged, I have told my siblings and they did nothing. I can’t tell my. Councillor for fear of being judged and being different. YOU ARE MY HOPE, THANK YOU KRISTEN!

    5. I tried to tell one of my best friend about my feelings and he was happy to help but for some reason I feel like I am annoying

    6. I think I may have depression but I caused it. I don't deserve help or anything. Just death and sadness

    7. I don't get it, I feel like I have depression, I'm suicidal. But.. I can be happy, I can genuinely smile.. I don't get it..

    8. I have all but 1 symptoms and i dont know why i still have it
      I have told my friends
      I have told my parent
      I have told my school counselor
      I have told my family
      I have told my doctor
      I have told my therapist
      I don't know if its something wrong with me or the people im telling but either way i feel HORRIBLE 🙁

    9. All of these were true as you said I stay up too late and can’t sleep I’ve been falling asleep around 5:00 am and waking up late obviously but yea

    10. I had an extreme down phase yesterday evening when my mother told me to "go die" for the first time.
      Thankfully I could turn to my friends and they talked me out of doing anything more severe.

      There is hope.

      There are people, who love you.

      Take your time and take care.

    11. Well I mean….."you're too young too have real problems",yeah right….I have had depression for…like f-forever,but my family doesn't think I have it…..so I don't get help so it's just getting worse

    12. I have most of these symptoms, but I don't have depression, I mean, why would I? There are people who have it worst than me and not be depressed so why should I be?

    13. You know what… depressed people won't even click these type of videos…… reads the titlesighs and keeps on scrolling

    14. I tried to tell my mum and she just said " you're not depressed it's just hormones" that's her answer for all of my problems

    15. I want to tell my friend who is depressed about my depression because there probably the only one of my friends who will truly understand but I don't know how

    16. Yo, I'm probably too late but can you do a video on the differences and similarities of Social Anxiety Disorder and Avoidant Personality Disorder?

    17. I keep talking tests and I have the symptoms your saying but my mum keeps saying I don’t have it or I’m naturally angry or I’m going through a faze I don’t know what to do 😞 and yes I do self harm I have anxiety my mind thoughts are everywhere like ur fat or cut I just cry sometimes 😢🙁

    18. Hmm well I went out one time.. (There were a cuple of things befor that)By my mom notecing i was acting weird so I just sead that I was kinda a little deppressed. So I went to a qshiocrist with mah mom to do a test for deppresion. I made half of the test "pretty" since I know the therepist wold tell my mom how doeppresed I actully was and I didnt want to be more of a bother to hear then I alredy am. They sead that the test resoults sead I was depressed tho i didnt have a sever level.. Just normal or smt like that.. Lol. Went to a qshyetrest to talk, she was rood as hell so I never went again ;3 its been about 4 years from then and continuing hah . oh and simptums, u missed out on Emmm self sabotage.. but on the level that you might not think is self sabotage (or self harming).. Like.. You feel you dont deserv friends so u unconcesly sabotage it by ruing ur Friendships(but u kinda alredy sead that eh…). Oh also you might start giving away your stuff since you feeal like you dont need it (but thats more a sing for ppl that think their friends might have depresstion) andddd……. Eh you might start acting more chieldish(jocking around, acting lil hiperactive [to keep away any moment that u cold be by ur own mind]) or doing things that ming destruct you from the deppresive thoughts(like staying awake all night reeding manga ;u;)… Heeeh eh sorry for not beng much of help tho 😛

    19. I tried to tell my mum I had depression and said I was to young and it was a phase now if I’m crying in my room and my mum walks in she just ignores me because it’s “just a phase”

    20. School counselor:Calls Parent to deal with it

      Parent:Calls doctor to deal with it

      Doctor:Says your fine

      And it starts over again…..

    21. Im a kid qnd i have took to many tests and everyone saying "its just hormones" and i just want to SHUT THEM UP

    22. hopeless and worthless – yes
      loss of interest – sometimes
      weight changes – sometimes
      sleep changes- yes
      feeling angry- no
      low energy- yes
      self loathing- no
      reckless behaviours- no
      concentration problems- yes
      unexplained pains- no

    23. I don't know how to reach out. I feel like if I tell my parents they'll get mad or they'll tell me I'm to young to have dapresion. I don't know how to bring up the subject and I'm too scared to talk about it even though I've been hurting myself and thinking about suicide. How do I speak up?

    24. PTSD and anxiety disorder can cause depression symptoms especially if they are not treated. The only real treatment for PTSD is therapy.

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