10 Signs You’re At The Wrong Job

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Welcome back my friends. If this is your first time here, where the hell have you been? I'm Shaina, it's a pleasure to meet you.

Today, I am giving you the 10 best signs that you are in the wrong job, according to me.

This was actually a blog post I had written months and months ago. Recently I found it and I thought: "Wow, this was a great publication", so I decided to translate it into a video. Talk about recycling.


Here's a trivial question for you: what's worse than getting up and going to a job you absolutely hate?

All right? Hey, mom!

The answer is nothing.

Most people think that's the way it is. It's normal to hate your job. Well, friends, they will stay exactly where they are while they create it.

It is absolutely possible to wake up every day and do what you love. You should never tolerate the following feelings or ignore the following red flags that are thrown in your way.

Without further ado, here is the list of "10 signs that you are in the wrong job".

1. Secretly you want to have the job of the janitor. I'm not kidding, I did this. There was a small woman who would be in our office (from a job she had) who cleaned the windows (a window washer) and I thought: "I would much rather do their job". And they probably pay more for Yes. You contemplate it, but then your university degree hangs over your head and your dream of cleaning floors fades.

2. You have developed a pretty severe case of Monday's blues. Sunday night feels like a death sentence. You begin to feel all kinds of stress, anxiety, sadness and even depression. Going to work on Monday morning makes you feel like you have entered a prison, leaving your freedom at the door. You want the week to come to Friday to be able to do more of the things you like to do.

3. Your lunch break is not about lunch. It's about breaking free for an hour. Have enough time to make happy hour plans (to drink all day), go out to breathe and look for new job openings.

4. You are too sensitive and highly emotional in the workplace. When your boss calls you at his office, you feel like crying. When they call you for making a mistake or not making an extra effort, you want to lash out: "I do not care, anyway, I do not care about this job!" You keep all your emotions until your emotions come to the surface and you break, in your car, your bedroom or the grocery store.

5. You can not understand how someone would enjoy the kind of work you do. Observe some of your coworkers who seem to really enjoy this work. It confuses you "How can that be?" You ask yourself. Do you really like to sell this ridiculous product? Do not you mind wearing a suit every day? Do you agree to do a meaningless job? You just do not understand.

6. You feel uninspired and unfulfilled. Something missing. You feel it in your bones that something is not right. You have lost a part of yourself and what you really want. You have put aside your happiness to obtain a miserable salary. You know there is something bigger for you, even if you can not identify exactly what it is now.

7. When people ask you "Oh, hey, how's the work going?" Or "Hey, how was your day at work?" You respond "eh, well" and you move quickly, you prefer to chew your own arm than to talk about your work for a second of your free time, unless, of course, you have the opportunity to hit everything in this respect.

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    10 Signs You’re At The Wrong Job

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    1. I definitely feel trapped and stuck. I keep getting corrupted into getting more money anytime I try to quit. This sucks

    2. After 2 months in my first job I decided to quit and submit resignation letter and give 1 week notice because with those months I became miserable day by day .. it even affect my parents because of that job. . .

    3. When I worked at a call center I experienced some of these. I was depressed on sunday, I didn't have good performence, I had little desire to learn new things and I wished I had the janitors job. I'm an operations processor at a bank now and I love it so much more.

    4. I just started a job Friday and my first week starts Monday and I’m already dreading it. I’ve never been so unmotivated to work somewhere before. I took it because I’ve been without a paycheck since July and I have $0 but I can’t wait until I find something else. My question is if I work a Monday-Friday job and I’m applying for other jobs how can I schedule my interviews without calling off or missing work? Any ideas? I don’t want to quit until I have another job lined up but I definitely want to get out of this one ASAP.

    5. When physically you can't do anything after work because your body feels like it's been tramatized from the hard labor. You can barely get in the car to go home.

    6. I watch this video on monday morning. All of the sign are true. So i decided to not go to work today. And take a time to rethink other jobs. It is possible to enjoy things that u loved and make enough money out of it? Very stressful to think

    7. I constantly think "i want to die" "damn i suck " "im going to get fired" "everyone must hate me" "i feel usless" at work all the time and im always saying sorry to everyone. I dont talk that much but when a customer comes in i speak firmly. When a customer is rude i just want to tell them to back off but i cant so i turn around and my mind starts the self hating process. Im so hard on myself at work. And it fucking sucks that i cant stop thinking negatice thoughts about how i shouldn't be working here im patheric. Making mistakes is just the match to being tossed into gasoline. I just explode with self hate its ridicules. I cant talk to no one about bc everyone has problems and people will think im weak and sensitive. So i have to hold it in. All the time.

    8. I have all of these. In fact I hate my background job. I am an engineer.. But actually I am not really like engineering. Now struggle everyday applying job & at the same time completing challenging task 😣

    9. Ya you don't want a manual labor job with your prestigious college degree. Besides you're better than that.

    10. 10 out of 10 this is my first job after college and I just started like 3 weeks ago. . It feels like I'm there for months already . I can't imagine myself doing it for more days, weeks, months and year. . . I can't connect with anybody else in that place. . .

    11. That's me today. I'm so bad at my job the sup called me in today I just felt the tears in my eyes tried to control myself till I left work. I keep telling myself that I probably need time to improve but clearly that's not happening.

    12. Yup. 100% me. But what’s sad is that I started my job 2 weeks ago and the really only reason I was hired in the spot that day when I applied, was because they were really desperate for staff (now I know why) and I am just busting my ass. But I did apply to something that I enjoy doing and I am PRAYING that I get that job. Oh and here’s something that really pissed me off. For about 2 weeks working at the shit hole, they told me that I wasn’t even on the payroll. That’s right, for the last 2 weeks I had been busting my ass for nothing. And stressing out and not eating, for nothing. Like they were suppose to send me an email and wanting me to give out my Social Security number and my state ID whatever, but they never emailed me in the first place! Like here I am sitting eating breakfast waiting for hell to begin and all of a sudden, one of the staff came up to me and said that I’m not suppose to work today. But my boss told me to come in on Friday but apparently not. And this broad also told me that I am not getting paid because I didn’t fill out my online paperwork which they never even sent me to start with! Like, they should at least have some sort of rule where you have to fill something out before you start your job. So my mom was pissed and she called the manager and I sadly had to go back and have the manager in person send me that email. I got it and I’m going to send it and get the money I earned. But, I am seriously thinking about quitting. Like the others before me, seriously thinking about quitting.

    13. I was excellent in chemistry. I remembered being the top in my class back in high school. I use to love chemistry and read so many textbooks on the subject. Easy A without studying. I wanted to do my bachelors in chemistry back in 2007 but my parents, seeing me good in chemistry, forced me into chemical engineering. I failed the first semester hard. Ended up switching to business and now I work as a banker. I still remember my chemistry quiet well. Also in college, we had to take a course in chemistry and I got an A without attending any class and NOT even using the book. Just sat for the quiz and exams and wrote whatever I remember. Got an A (100/100) not even a 99/100. If I can go back in time, I'd study chemistry but been working for 6 years and almost turning 30. I feel it is late for now.

    14. I am scared that it is only number 5 and points are all applied to my situation now… really want to quit my job but there a lot of several reasons like my degree, student loan, bills and headache stuffs .. and always freaked out when I thought myself quitting my current job… just dreading the job is what I can say right now… hope I can quit after about 2~3 yrs… need to start saving money now💴

    15. #1,#2,just a 15,#4,#6#7,#8,possibly 9#10 dealing with my manager acts pretty bossy and one of my coworkers made me nervous they don’t care how tired I feel

    16. Thank you for what you do, you are helping me with self care ect on a daily basis and trying to figure out my own life in progress.

    17. I just graduated high school and all 10 of these apply. I don’t know if it’s the job or the fact that it’s all new to me.. It’s a make dominant field that I know I could be good at but I’m just not doing good and it’s showing. I cry everyday. I’ve missed work twice already and I’ve worked 2 weeks. I’ve never been that way. I feel so trapped..

    18. All 10 applies to me but my situation is different. I actually love what I do.
      My major problem is that my job has the worst management I've ever experienced and that's what's making me miserable at my job. What's your advice for this?

    19. I am midewife but at unv fırst class. I ses mobbing my director nurse at training.I want this job so because her I hate midwifery

    20. I have been at a new job for exactly one week and I already feel trapped. I know this job won't work out but I dont know if I should quit or wait and be miserable until I can find something else.

    21. I just feel like a jew in German nazi camp whenever I enter in my work place. It is so toxic and slavery that i even pay 1 hour of my paycheck every week for going washroom and we don't even have right to talk with my colleagues during the work ,we don't have proper coffee break , there are lots more thing that can't write them down here.

    22. I can understand the prison thinking. I do it every day. But I think I'm working like a prisoner but I get to go home at the end of the day. 🙂 And the lunch getaway omg….that's me!!

    23. None of these signs apply i think it s because i push my self to love but i feel miserable nd unhqppy nd drawning 😭😭😭😭

    24. How much I wish I could quit this job! It is so easy to say 'quit if not happy' not easy at all if your visa, family and your own life depend on it!

    25. Im quiting In 2 days. Im so sick of not learning anymore. Ive told my boss before. But he never took it serious. I want to learn and will continue to look for jobs that offer advansments.
      Quiting is scary but regret is more scary. Playing it safe is also just as scary.

    26. yes, i love your channel i dont undestand the half but i love your channel you have themes very interesting . i started with my journal thanks to you. shaina i love you im subscribed.

    27. Every single one of these points apply to my current job. The good thing is, I'm looking at alternatives. The bad thing is, it's Sunday evening right now and I'm already dreading having to go to work tomorrow.

    28. I'm actually having my breakdown right now….I'm going to apply for other jobs now because I just can't with this crappy job anymore.

    29. I hate my job all I do is sit down do nothing unless I have to unlock doors and patrol the grounds. 5-8am 5-8pm 5 days a week $200 over tiring since it messes with ur sleep and social life

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