10 Reasons Why It’s Hard for a Smart Person to Be Happy

Did you know that the smartest people are usually the least happy people among us? If it can relate to most of the signs of an intelligent person we have gathered, it must have a high IQ, but it can be quite unhappy in life. Follow the professional advice of leading psychology experts to transform your life in a positive way.
People with high IQ continually analyze the events of their lives. Their findings are often filled with fear and disappointment, with real dilemmas constantly appearing in their heads. The habit of constant over-analysis leads to frequent reflections on life, death and the meaning of existence. All this, in most cases, leads to depression. Try to distract yourself from having negative thoughts and focus on the positive. You can also try to keep a journal and write about the things you appreciate every day. Every time you feel bad, just open it and it will put a smile on your face.
According to scientists, socializing for very intelligent people is often a more painful experience than being alone. Find ways to make new friends whose company really enjoys and appreciates the members of your family who love you sincerely.
A recent study has shown that, in their daily lives, intellectuals make as many mistakes as others. The scientist Igor Grossman of the University of Waterloo suggests that these people should talk about their problems in the third person to distance themselves emotionally. This reduces the bias and allows them to reach the most logical conclusions.
The assumption that every intelligent person succeeds could not be more inaccurate. In fact, studies have shown that 85% of financial well-being depends on things like individuality and the ability to communicate and negotiate. There is no big brain or a certain number of IQs on that list.

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They tend to over analyze things. 0:32
They are too demanding with themselves and with others. 1:16
They can not form warm and friendly relationships. 2:12
They have mental health problems. 3:04
They feel that they must meet the expectations of others. 3:55
They rarely make rational decisions. 4:46
They are not always successful. 5:27
They are more stressed. 6:37
They are more likely to have health problems. 7:23
They feel more comfortable alone. 8:14

-People with a high IQ continuously analyze the events of their lives. It is important to learn to accept your right to make mistakes, recognize them and allow others to make mistakes too.
– Instead of being too demanding, just think of events, people or things that make you feel grateful. It will distract you from having negative thoughts and will help you focus on the positive.
Try to reconsider the people around you and get rid of those that bleed you emotionally. Find ways to make new friends whose company really enjoys and appreciates the members of your family who love you sincerely.
-Make an effort to help others more often, even strangers. It has been shown that people who support others experience a sense of inner peace much more often than those who ignore other people's problems.
-Try to learn and work as a game: get fully involved in the process and try not to get stuck in the result.
-Talk about your problems in the third person to distance yourself emotionally. This reduces the bias and allows them to reach the most logical conclusions.
-Don't forget that having intelligence is not always enough, so work on other aspects of yourself if you want to be really happy and successful!
-Remember that you must solve your problems, do not give yourself a beating for having them.
-Before celebrating being a smart night owl, you should know that it is known that this lifestyle leads to heart disease.
-Try to balance the time you spend alone and the moments you spend in the company of someone.

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    10 Reasons Why It’s Hard for a Smart Person to Be Happy

    Comments 45

      They tend to overanalyze things. 0:32
      They're too demanding of themselves and others. 1:16
      They can’t form warm and friendly relationships. 2:12
      They have mental health issues. 3:04
      They feel like they have to meet others’ expectations. 3:55
      They rarely make rational decisions. 4:46
      They're not always successful. 5:27
      They’re more stressed out. 6:37
      They're more likely to have health problems. 7:23
      They feel more comfortable alone. 8:14

      I first want to say that by no means am I implying that I am a highly intelligent individual. I just want to relay my thoughts and opinions.
      1. Over analyzing is something I tend to be done unintentionally. My thoughts tend to dwell on past decisions and how they have affected present day life and how if things had been done differently, maybe life wouldn't be as hard as it is. Also, there tends to be situations where I look at a situation and dwell too much on what the possible outcome of said situation may be, which in turn prevents any action from being taken for fear that it will have a negative outcome.
      2. I've personally never seen myself as too demanding of myself and others. I just expect myself and others to do the things that are expected of them or what they are getting paid to do and if those expectations aren't met, then I get really frustrated and complain about the incompetence and lack of any sort of drive that the people aren't exhibiting.
      3. It's not that smart people can't form warm and friendly relationships, it's that most of the time, they don't want to. This is due to other people tending to lack the same thought process as more intelligent individuals. Going back to 1, when holding conversations, maybe they are worried about the outcome of what they may say, so they just don't say much as they may just be misunderstood. As with any other person, intelligent people can form deep bonds with others, but they prefer to do so with people who have similar interests and thoughts, which these days is hard to come by.
      4. He pretty much sums it up. I haven't been diagnosed for anything myself for fear of what I may find out, but constantly dwelling on the past and negativity can't be healthy.
      5. Doing well and getting good grades is not a direct reflection of a persons intelligence. It merely means they are good at memorizing facts. This can go a few ways. The person can have the need or want to meet others expectations because they strive to be excellent themselves and want to receive praise for their achievements. They meet others expectations because it's too much of a pain to deal with others disappointment in them. They realize that meeting others expectations is the fastest way to earn respect and to open up opportunities for a better future. I've learned that if you give everything 100%, people will learn to expect that from you and will begin to expect that amount of effort and more from you. It's much easier to dial it back and relax a little.
      6. This makes no sense. How can they think that someone who over analyzes things can possibly rarely make rational decisions? In fact, I personally tend to think about any decision I make and think about every possible outcome that the decision will have so that I don't have to deal with negative outcomes due to being irrational. Maybe I could see making irrational decisions when dealing with other people and emotional aspects such as saying something to someone that has logic behind it as opposed to saying whatever the other person needs to hear emotionally.
      7. Intelligent people may not be successful because they are waiting for the right opportunity to come by. Any sort of high paying job tends to involve a certain amount of people skills which intelligent people tend to lack to a degree. Without people skills, it can be hard to accomplish a lot of things even if in all other aspects, you are the best option for a position. I would suggest working retail or any other job that forces you to interact with others so that you can at least fake it when it comes to being social.
      8. I feel like everything on this list can be explained by the over analysis of subjects. I personally am always stressed out in my day to day life. Whether it be that i'm thinking too much about what my future has in store for me, how i'm going to not only survive, but to actually live off my paychecks, having to deal with the constant stupidity of others and having to try to get on their level mentally, or even just thinking about if others perceive you in a negative way or how to deal with constant disrespect and harassment for being "different". Intelligent people may just have more and deeper thoughts on their minds.
      9. Health problems will directly correlate with the amount of stress that they are dealing with. I'm willing to admit that stress has caused me to turn to alcohol, drugs, junk/fast food, generally things that would have adverse effects on my health, and then once you start, habit kicks in and makes it hard to stop which will lead to self deprecating thoughts which brings us back to mental health issues and depression.
      10. I'm more comfortable alone for many reasons. I don't like to have forced conversations with people, other people just tend to bore me or aren't going in the same direction in life as I am so I don't see a point in being around them, being alone means that you have more time to do the things that you truly enjoy without having to compromise and do something you'd rather not just because other people want to do it, you also have more time to learn different things that you might see as beneficial for yourself. I feel that the time I spend at work interacting with other employees or customers is enough social interaction for me and tend to spend the rest of the time at home relaxing, with the occasional excursion with a friend here and there.
      Anyway, I feel like I've put too much thought and effort into this so I'm going to leave it there.

    3. So I cheated on my IQ test does that make me more resourceful or intelligent? I have a great memory I know that, and many people I find brash and irritating.

    4. I find that many people are VERY selfish and if you try to do for them, they feel that they do not have to do for you – you can help them, but they don't feel that they are obligated to help you even if you helped them. People can often be VERY disappointing and they are constantly judging other people – forming cliques – and making fun of others in order to hide their insecurities. They make fun of others simply to elevate themselves without care nor concern as to how the other person is going to feel about being ridiculed and laughed at – Darwin said "Survival of the fittest" and that is how people are. It does not help if you have very emotionally messed up parents – if they don't or can't guide you, then you are lost. If you march to the beat of your own drum, don't expect others to follow you – you will be alone.

    5. We intelligent people do NOT over-analyze, and these 12 psychological theorems will prove it:
      12. The biochemical link to…. Ah, what the f am I saying, of COURSE we over-analyze! 🙂

    6. I used to look forward to bright side videos but these past months, it feels waaaaay too fictional and less educational. there is no basis on some of the things said. like what do you mean smart people can't form warm and friendly relationships? this isn't a soap opera.

    7. I see that the dunning kruger effect + the barnum effect are at work in the comments. The "reason" made in this video can apply to anyone regardless of intelligence so please people don't take this serious and use your head or at least do proper research before believing BS like this. Also if you think your smarter then everyone else around you chances are you're not.

    8. I agree with almost everything. Sometimes I wish my neurones have less connection so I wouldn’t think too much. Great video, so true for me. Thank you!

    9. Well the reason im not that happy is because nothing matters sure cause causes affect but does it actually matter in the longrun no.

    10. some of these things look like their just make you dumber personly I would rather be smart and sad than dumb and happy mabey some of us have to suffer for the rest of us to progress and i say that knowing theirs always going to be one person smarter than me. Honestly I dont believe that intelligence is somthing that some of us have and some of us dont but a mindset anyone can reach if they try. Honestly I dont even think I am that smart just everyone who meets me in person tells me I am and I am unhappy 80 percent of the time and suffer from mental illnes so who knows

    11. Here's the comment where I tell you how depressed I am hinting toward my need to brag about intelligence.

    12. The thing about higher heart disease rate is not caused by staying up late, but by the societys tendency to value more waking up early. If society would ratjer value staying up late, the higher heart disease rate would apply to early birds.

    13. Hold up. I know im not smart. Yet i contemplate suicide constantly. How would i define myself then?

    14. I'm classified as being a genius and my IQ is also higher then the IQ Standard for a "Genius" and I can tell you! This video is exactly my life in a 9 min and 34 sec video to the T.

      Sadly but being Dumb is actually the way 🙂 Being smart you're always stressed, always disappointed, you get bored with EVERYTHING So Fast because there is no challenge. You also tend to get I would consider it ADD. Cuz you can't stick to one thing. You'll constantly start projects or whatever then stop shortly after cuz you get VERY board with it, and you also tend to find something a little more interesting so you abandon your original "En devour" then start on a new one. Plus substance abuse is very bad for highly intelligent people cuz its the only way to relax and actually get some sleep… anyway, this hit so close to home I had to mention it! Thanks for your videos.

    15. I can relate with everything but I didn’t get good grades in school. And I’m pretty sure I have Aspergers…so I’m confused.

    16. About half of these problems are narcissism, which probably also correlates with intelligence. Evidenced in comments.

    17. I can't sleep without watching something on tv or reading. If I just lay there in the dark I think way too much and can't fall asleep without distraction. Inevitably, I'll worry a lot.

    18. To all the people calling themselves smart because you do good in school. You're just learning how to be a follower. Become a millioner/billioner, make a discovery etc. Then call yourself smart

    19. I find it to be good to be smart, but don't let too much knowledge stop you from living your life (Similar to the main character in the 1994 movie The Pagemaster). I am glad to be smart because I can recognize the mistakes that other people do, and I remind myself to not do that and to find another solution to solve the problem.

    20. What a sorry excuse for logic… I want my nine minutes and thirty-four seconds back.
      Obviously put together by someone who wasn't smarter than a fifth-grader…

    21. Ok, that's it, I'm only 4 minutes in and if I keep watching, that music is going to make me slash my wrists.

    22. When I think ”well, at least this one thing could be even worse…” and then it happens

    23. About 80% of the comment section think they are smarter than they are. Dan Kruger effect…. Fun fact, adding statistics to posts makes it more credible!

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