10 Common Signs of Low Testosterone in Men

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This video will show signs of low testosterone in men

1. Low sex drive
Testosterone is a key factor in the sexual impulses of men and women, so when your level falls off the radar, it may also be your desire to have sex.
2. Extra body weight
Fat cells play a role in the conversion of testosterone to estrogen, the dominant female sex hormone. The resulting weight loss is positive for testosterone.
3. Loss of muscle
If you notice that you are losing muscle volume, it may be due to lower levels of testosterone that affect new tissue growth and existing muscle maintenance.
4. Fatigue
It is hard to motivate yourself to exercise, or you do not feel rested after a full night of sleep. While there are many potential causes of fatigue
5. Osteoporosis
Although most are related to older women as a side effect of estrogen loss, the loss of bone mass in men results from low testosterone levels.
6. Erectile dysfunction
Testosterone carries the necessary signals to start the process that leads to an erection. Other health problems can also make erections difficult.
7. Low volume of ejaculation
Low testosterone causes a reduction in the amount of semen your body makes. The amount of semen released during orgasm may be less than the amount you are used to.
8. Hair loss
While there are also hereditary factors that influence hair loss, low testosterone also contributes, and is a possible candidate if you are also losing body and facial hair.
9. Sleep dysfunction
Low levels of testosterone are associated with both insomnia and obstructive sleep apnea. Healthy amounts of sleep prevent conditions such as high blood pressure and heart disease
10. Depression and mood disorders
Low testosterone also showed signs of depression, and depressed men often find that testosterone replacement therapy can sometimes be more effective than antidepressants
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Video credits to Focus Fitness YouTube channel

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    10 Common Signs of Low Testosterone in Men

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