10 Biggest Depression Triggers You Should Know

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This video will show you the biggest triggers of depression you should know

1. Hormonal changes
Hormones affect the chemistry of the brain that controls emotions and mood. Women are more vulnerable to depression at puberty, during and after pregnancy and in perimenopause
2. Addictive behaviors
It may not be a surprise that alcohol and gambling can create a potentially addictive temporary escape, but even too much television can be a trigger for depression as well.
3. Traumatic events
Terrifying events such as terrorist attacks and natural disasters can cause a relapse or recurrence
4. Diagnosis of disease
When you are diagnosed with a serious illness, you change your perception of what is possible in the present and affect your perspective for the future
5. Divorce
The researchers found that 60 percent of divorced adults with a history of depression experienced another depressive episode. Only 10 percent of divorced women without a history of past depression experienced it
6. Death of a loved one
About 1 in 5 people develop major depression after a loved one passes, according to the American Cancer Society.
7. Exit the treatment
Most people whose depression returns have deviated from the treatment. They begin to feel better and stop taking their medications or abandon psychotherapy
8. An empty nest
Although the "empty nest syndrome" is not a clinical diagnosis, it is common for parents to feel sad when a child leaves for college or moves out of the home.
9. Losing a job
In addition to causing financial stress, losing a job can jeopardize your sense of identity and feelings of self-esteem.
10. Sexual problems
Sexual problems and sexual health problems can trigger depression by eliminating one of the most effective means we use to feel good. In addition, most antidepressants decrease sexual desire
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    10 Biggest Depression Triggers You Should Know

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