1 Hour ASMR – Ear to ear WHISPER + TRIGGERS – what I know about men? tapping, shaving, kisses, toys+

This long video for those who asked for another unintentional ear whispered a video in English. Please use the time code to choose something that interests you and let me know what is in the comments ♥ Made with love
3:17 plummet 8:43 boxing glove boxers 13:09 tv controller & 14:09 gamepad 17:20 knives 25:47 eating meat 29:47 catus 35:18 spinner 40:06 stockings 44:50 shaving cream 49: 36 kisses ♥ Good evening!
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Camera: Canon PowerShot G7X Mark II
Light: YongNuo-300 and YongNuo 1410 and YongNuo YN-168
Microphone n. ° 1: OKM II Binaural microphone and Soundman "John" mannequin made of MDF
Microphone n. ° 2: 2 x Rode NT1-A
Mic Preamp – Tascam Uh-7000
Recorder: Tascam dr-05
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What is ASMR for me? It is an opportunity to stop, to stop. A whisper, a soft quiet voice, slow, soft voice, inviting us to listen to our feelings. A pleasant tingling sensation or a trance can be provoked by means of sounds: soft crunches; crackling of plastic or paper containers; touching with the nails in the objects; a slight scratch with the nails on surfaces with texture, plastic or wood; the crunch of the pages; the sound of the paper; breathing in the microphone …
The ASMR role play creates the atmosphere of a game and helps to enter a space of relaxation. We call this activator "personal attention". The most popular subcategories include a medical examination, a conversation with a client, the recovery process, massage, spa therapy, combing that are combined with smooth movements and fluids of the hand.
Everyone can find their trigger or author to their liking. You may feel "tingling" and "tingling" or using ASMR to relieve your depression, panic attacks or to improve your sleep.
I'll be happy to help you!

Video credits to ASMR Darya YouTube channel

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    1 Hour ASMR – Ear to ear WHISPER + TRIGGERS – what I know about men? tapping, shaving, kisses, toys+

    Comments 31

    1. Pigeons get everywhere your bank account your mobile account. I'm gonna stuff a dead pigeon up Dee Sniders arse!!! Or maybe even a dead blue whale!!!!! Enough of my minor irritations you're lovely!

    2. Hey,a plum Bob, Is used that thing as a weapon when I was a kid back in amirillo tx, a bunch of redneck bastards jumped me and sister as we were walking home from school.
      I am not going to lie, I fuckin enjoyed cracking there cranium's open.
      I hope they all fuckin died!!!

    3. Your father was correct about the gift ,and the collecting is accurate also
      "The Emperor Protects"

    4. Hahaha sorry but you are usually so gentle, wanting to use the knife on your neighbours made me laugh. I don't mind those noises. Seeing you and your reaction to it is real, honest.

    5. One day I fell asleep watching this video and my mom came into my room to wake me up and she saw the video… What an awkward moment

    6. Please do a whole video of eating sounds! You're the only ASMRist that I like the eating sounds of, those mics make them sound so crackly and nice.

    7. Hey Darya! And a big thank you for all of your wonderful videos.

      So, I was playing this video in the background to calm me while i dealt with stressful financial things etc… I heard this raining, kinda woody sound and got curious, came back to the tab and there you were playing with the Cactus, I just laughed out LOUD (Very loud!) in public, it was the most bizarre image but so fun… Reminded me of the 'Cactuar' from the Final Fantasy games…

      Anyway, thanks for relaxing me and making me LOL today! 🙂

    8. The knife part and your neighbours was the funnies thing I've seen on Youtube for a long time. Oh and +1 for a job well done.

    9. I loved your page until I heard you say meat is very important for man's organism.. that's very misinformed.

    10. I think your English is pretty good even though you think it is broken, your words make sense to me. I am not sure if she can read this in English or she needs to translate?

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