🧠 5 Common Foods That Cause Or Increase Depression

Improve levels of dopamine, serotonin and cortisol: get happy and reduce depression and worry


🧠 5 common foods that cause or increase depression
Most people do not realize that their emotions can influence what they eat. For example, when you are under additional stress (emotional or physical), your body and your brain will want more sugar and carbohydrates. One reason is because it wants to help increase serotonin and dopamine levels.

Women see that this happens more often during their menstrual cycles due to their hormonal changes and, therefore, several cravings occur.

However, what you eat can also influence your mood. So the opposite can happen

And today I will reveal 5 common foods that can lower your mood, exhaust your body, increase negative feelings and, therefore, even cause or increase depression.

Therefore, simple changes in food, such as avoiding or limiting the current 5 foods, can be the difference between feeling much worse or feeling more stable, better and happier.

I will also give you alternative solutions.

And this is very important, especially considering that more than 7% of the American population over 18 years of age has a diagnosis of clinical depression.

This does not take into account the teenagers, who also face a lot of depression.

This DOES NOT take into account all the people who have not been evaluated, who have not sought help or simply feel depressed or depressed … without the "official diagnoses".

So, if you feel depressed or depressed, you are not alone. And, it may not be your fault. It could be related to the food you are eating.

There is hope and at the end of today's video, I will also give you a really effective solution that you can use to help rebalance and optimize brain chemicals, so you can feel happier and reduce feelings of depression, worry and anxiety.


Sugar and salt are found in almost all foods, especially those that taste good. However, in a 2015 study 1, it was found that the increase in added sugars in the diet was associated with a higher probability of depression.

In fact, there is a correlation between depression, diabetes and dementia. And researchers have discovered that when blood glucose levels rise, the levels of a protein that stimulates the growth of neurons and synapses decrease.

Translation: the simple fact of eating sugar makes your brain work at a suboptimal level, and the more you do it, the higher your risk of depression and also the higher your risk of diabetes and dementia.

SOLUTION: Just read the labels and limit the "sugars" whenever possible, especially when you do not feel 100%.
Artificial sweeteners

And this includes artificial sweeteners, especially aspartame (NutraSweet or Equal), which is found in diet sodas and "sugar free" foods … because it blocks the production of the neurotransmitter serotonin. This can cause several neurological and head problems, such as headaches, insomnia, changes in mood and, yes, depression.

SOLUTION: Avoid all artificial sweeteners. Instead, use natural ones, such as Stevia, which is an herbal extract.

Hydrogenated oils
Hydrogenated oils can be found in most fried foods, as well as in packaged "junk" foods, such as cookies, cakes, sweets, chips, cookies, margarine, and spreads.

Hydrogenation occurs when you take vegetable oils and heat them or convert them to solids. This also causes trans fat, which is the worst type of fat to consume.

Now, I have simplified this process, leaving boring chemical substances aside because the point is that you should avoid these fats.

Not only do they cause weight gain, inflammation and other physical problems, but they are also related to depression.

SOLUTION: Read labels, avoid hydrogenated and trans fats. At home, it is best NOT to heat or cook with vegetable or seed oils. Have those cold, like in a salad. If you cook, choose a saturated fat like butter or, better yet, coconut oil, which has health benefits for your body and mind.

Most people will not like to hear this, especially because alcohol is the drug of choice when people feel "depressed" and hopeless.

However, alcohol is a depressant and, more specifically, depresses the central nervous system (CNS). … that controls how you feel, physically and emotionally. It controls many of its neurotransmitters (serotonin, dopamine, etc.)

SOLUTION: Limit or avoid alcohol, especially when you feel depressed, hopeless or depressed. It's just going to make it worse!

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    🧠 5 Common Foods That Cause Or Increase Depression

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    1. Dr thank you for being the voice with confidence, about things most people are uncomfortable to say specially about alcohol

    2. I do this all the time to stay mentally strong and physically healthy. I need to work on stop eating junk food when I get stressed, but it's very minimal. Like my cheat days would turn in to 2 to 3 days. #LoL

    3. I know everyone is about this Sam Robbins being fake and I too pretty much believe that.But I still can't believe that whatever he said is wrong.Because everything that is still now shown in this channel is all backed up by science…

    4. I see a lot of people doubting if this guy is really a doctor. It may or may not be true. However nobody is doubting if the information he is giving is inaccurate and honestly that is more important than the way he packages delivering it. I can say that many of the things he touches on are back by science. If you don’t think so then prove him wrong.

    5. Leave Dr. Sam alone i mean it! All you people want is more more more more more….*gasp* Anyone who has a problem with Dr. Sam has a problem with me. Leave Dr Sam alone πŸ˜– please 😭

    6. Dr. Sam this is too much. I've been following you for 3 months now and you have helped me alot to improve my health and help in my muscle building goals. Still there are tons of people who claim that you are not real. There is a garbage youtuber called "footsoilder" who raises negative questions about you. Please make a video with your face aka do a face reveal. Seriously I cannot bare any more hate upon you

    7. Your video is depressing. All those foods make me cope with my depression, not cause it. You can keep your tofu and kale, ill keep my beer pizza and coke. You know what works for me better then xanax for anxiety attacks? Smoking a fine cigar and drinking alot of coke. I hate health nazis. When its your time, its your time. How many people in the world trade center were on healthy diets and exercise but didnt live? You know what reslly effects depression? Poverty and celibacy. Good food and drink is part of a good life. Never met a health nut that deep down was actually happy. Lofe is too short, have some French fries and a creme brule

    8. Why is so many obsessed with dr. Identity. Why would you ought to give a fuck. Can you use the info or not? That is all . If you think it is not good , research more to find out. If you think that once you shake his hand in person every word he says is as good as gold then you are idiot. Weather he is real or not he is only a vehicle to pass on the info which he thinks is a good one. Is he selling number of products and making money more power to him. So do hundreds of companies around the world. Do your homework and shut up. Frankly no one wants to see you pearls of wisdom in here anyway.

    9. Ask 10 experts "how to eat healthy" and you'll get 10 different answers. But Doc does a great job in breaking down the 5 common foods that everyone can agree on are unhealthy. Sugar, artificial sweeteners, vegetable oils, and alcohol are not only making you depressed but they are also KILLING your testosterone. I created the following quiz to help analyze what factors are holding you back fro producing optimal testosterone: https://tripleyourt.com/quiz

    10. Dr Sam Robbins can’t be fake 😒 he’s one of my favorite YouTubers to watch!! And I remember seeing a picture of Dr Robbins Shirtless a while ago

    11. Wow amazing I eat all these things & I have chronic depression for over 20 yrs….you are a genius! God bless you & thank you…you are truly helping so many millions of people…😁!

    12. Just because someone put "DR" in a YouTube channel doesn't mean that person PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT. If he is real doctor how does he get time to upload every day

    13. If you really don't want to get depressed especially if you're not feeling good DON'T WATCH THIS VIDEO!!!!!!

    14. Aspartame made me so depressed!! Never felt depressed before until my family was drinking those Crystal Light drinks for about a week non stop. Everyone else had other symptoms. Then I realized we were drinking a bunch of aspartame and looked at the symptoms/side effects. Stuff is garbage!

    15. You should also mention, conventional chicken. Their fat tastes rancid and makes me feel like shit.

    16. You are becoming very popular.You are helping milions of people everyday.We all love and respect you.One thing that is bothering everyone is your mysterious identity.Everybody is questioning it more and more.Please reveal the truth and you will soon become a world wide hero.

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