👄 Soft Spoken ASMR Mcdonalds👅 StoryTime 💔 Son Murder

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ASMR THAI FOOD | Eating sounds | Bee sting

👅🍬 Chewing Gum ASMR Makeup whisperer Ramble👄💄
🍫 Chocolate factory 🍬🍎 Candy Apple ASMR to sleep 🍏 🍭👅💋
🍬🍎 Eat Apple Candy ASMR Whisper: 👄 Chocolate Factory 🍫
🍭 🍭 Sounds of mouth ASMR Lollipop Licking Relaxation Sleeping calm
🍬🍎 ASMR Candy Apple cheese cake 💦 👅 🍫 Chocolate factory
👅🍬 Eat Gummy Candy ASMR 🍭 {Chocolate Factory🍫}
🍎 🍎 Huge Lollipop ASMR Candy Apple 👅 Eat Mouth Sounds 💋 💦
👅🍬 Cotton Candy ASMR Eating Sounds 💦
ASMR THAI FOOD | Eating Sounds
🍟 🍟 Mcdonalds ASMR Eating Sounds 🍨
💋 💄 Lipstick application: CandyASMR Mouth sounds to eat👅🍬🍬
👅 Pringles Chips And Dip ASMR Eating Sounds🌶 Cheese
❤️ 💔 Soft Spoken ASMR Storytelling betrayed (Part 6) Money
👅 Eat mouth sounds ASMR Grapes 💦
🍭 🍭 Sounds of mouth ASMR Lollipop Licking Relaxation Sleeping calm
Chew juicy fruit juices ASMR: hair application

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    👄 Soft Spoken ASMR Mcdonalds👅 StoryTime 💔 Son Murder

    Comments 43

    1. “He threw his whole body on the car and Ig I was supposed to stop” 😂😂😂😂😂

    2. Awe man I'm so sorry you had to go through this. You are a strong woman very strong. And I love what you do. So strong and bee through so much. God bless you

    3. Omg I am in tears! This is horrible! I am so very sorry for your loss! I feel your pain!!!!!! Omg!

    4. That bastard ! Did he ever go to jail ? Did you press charges ?He shouldn’t have been able to see you ever again.

    5. Tearing up through the entire story! You have many novels in you! Please go to a publisher…you have had a lot of experiences that others can relate to….

    6. Woooow Your Skin looks fantastic !!! I am german man and I wish I could kiss Your wonderful skin !!!

    7. Omg , Thank you so much for sharing your story with us , I was crying right along with you, as you was telling yourself to keep it together I was telling myself the same thing . Wow you are a strong woman and a survivor

    8. Awwwe I'm sorry for what happend I cried with you as well it's so sad how people bring others down your a strong woman that no one can ever tear you down I love you so much 💜

    9. Awwwe we both have the same name 💙💜 but I use my 2nd name the most ……

    10. I'm going through your story times, and omg Spirit, your strength is absolutely amazing. You are an amazing woman, and mother. Your journey is an inspiration for women everywhere. Continue being you and keep your mind on God. Sending hugs and love to you!!

    11. I don’t know if you go back and check comments from videos this far back, I’m sure you probably don’t have time. I know you have known great pain and great struggle but I had no idea how bad it was. I have been following you maybe a couple months now so I know the Spirit of today. But this broke my heart. I can’t stop crying I hurt so bad for you. I’m so incredibly mad at that man who did that to you and your baby. I can’t help but to just be furious and appalled by him but I know and I know you know if he hasn’t already gotten what’s coming to him one day he will. I can’t imagine doing something so horrific I had to live with myself. But he has to. That could quite possibly be enough punishment in itself. But anyway I’m gonna try not gonna give him much thought. You are even more beautiful a Spirit to me now knowing you lived through this and to just see you shine today and be the light for so many people that you are. It would have been so easy for you to just give up but you persevered and you became this light for so many of us, the Lord has a plan for you and here you are. Thank God for you. Thank you for sharing your stories with us and for touching us in the way you do. I’m gonna finish this story but I can’t today. God bless you sweet Spirit. 💓

    12. This made me cry… I am so sorry this happened to you. That is so heart breaken. That man you married is an awful person. But I am so glad you took the time to heal. You are a beautiful person, I wish the best for you💕🤗 ps love ur vids!!💕👌😄👍

    13. This was so tough for me to even watch. I’ve been trying to finish it over the last 2 months and just can’t take it. Such an awful story

    14. I’m crying i can’t hold back my tears you are my hero to hear your stories of what you went thru to still be here and to still give us positive energy is a blessing i love you

    15. Wtf is I was with "my man" and some woman came up to us heavily pregnant with a little kid I would be out that door so fast. No way id be sticking around to call the pregnant woman a bitch!!! What Was wrong with her

    16. this is so amazing 💗 this story breaks my heart, but you are so strong and so inspiring ! 💖💗 love you spirit

    17. I’m so sorry you have had gone through such life changing things as such!! Love you💗✨🙏

    18. Omg spirit this is so sad you are amazing for overcoming this i admire you so so much

    19. dear god spirit girl :'( you have remained so resilient through such horrors. you are truly an inspiration to me <3 you're so strong and beuatiful ilyyyy i wish i could give you the biggest husband in the world

    20. Wow! What an incredible experience. I am sorry for the pain and loss you went through and grateful you made it through this. I hope you realize how much of an inspiration you are. I learn so much from the life stories you share. There really should be a movie about your life.

    21. I’m In literal tears spirit, love you and always say strong. We are here for you❤️

    22. wow spirit. you are truly a beacon of hope. I am so sorry for all you've been through. I think you are here to reach out to others.

    23. God gives the hardest trials to the strongest people. If he brings you to it, he will being you through it. You are a strong woman and I am inspired by you. Love you miss Spirit 💓🌹💋

    24. Oh honey, I'm sure he is watching over you and being proud that he's your son ❤❤❤

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